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The State Department is still blocking Benghazi witnesses from testifying

January 27, 2015

 The Benghazi Select Committee opened up its investigation today into the deadly terrorist attack which left Chris Stevens, Glen Doherty, Tyrone Woods, and Sean Smith dead and once again the State Department is stonewalling by not allowing key witnesses who were on the ground during the attack to testify.

  The State Department is claiming it is doing this to protect the lives of the witness as well as the lives of their families. I do  not doubt for a minute that the State Department is trying to save lives–or should I say a life–but the life they are trying to protect is the political life of the woman who would like to be the next President of the United States–Hillary Clinton.

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America’s Watchtower may go dark as a State of Emergency has been declared in New Hampshire

January 26, 2015

 A major nor’easter is headed to New Hampshire and a State of Emergency has been declared in the state. Unlike Massachusetts, where a travel ban has been implemented, New Hampshire residents are being urged to stay off the roadways.

  With the high winds which are forecast in the area of the America’s Watchtower compound I fully expect to lose power for a few days. If this happens America’s Watchtower will go dark during that period. We are prepared and we will be okay but blogging will most likely not be possible for an extended period of time. If truth be told I could probably use the time off, however I would rather it not be for this reason.

  My biggest concern at this time is that we will not have our power back in time to watch the Patriots in the Superbowl on Sunday. I am still holding on to the possibility that once the generator is fired up we will have cable and internet access for it has happened in the past and so it is still a possibility.

  I will be keeping up with the news and the comments on America’s Watchtower on my phone but it will be hard to put my two cents in until I have full internet access.

Jonathan Gruber faces accusations of ‘phantom billing’ in Vermont

January 26, 2015

gruberJonathan Gruber has been caught several times on video admitting that he purposely mislead the American people on Obamacare in order to pass healthcare reform, but if this story is true that might just be the beginning of his problems.

  One Vermont official is now questioning the prospect that Jonathan Gruber might be guilty of “phantom billing” for services he supposedly rendered to that state. In the healthcare industry “phantom billing” is when somebody bills an entity for services which were not provided and now it appears as if Jonathan Gruber might have billed that state for services which he did not provide.

  Here is more:

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The Department of Justice is building a huge database of vehicle movements in the United States

January 26, 2015

 According to this story the Department of Injustice is using the war on drugs to justify tracking vehicle movements of millions of Americans while building a huge database.

  Here is more:

The Justice Department has been building a national database to track in real time the movement of vehicles around the U.S., a secret domestic intelligence-gathering program that scans and stores hundreds of millions of records about motorists, according to current and former officials and government documents.

The primary goal of the license-plate tracking program, run by the Drug Enforcement Administration, is to seize cars, cash and other assets to combat drug trafficking, according to one government document. But the database’s use has expanded to hunt for vehicles associated with numerous other potential crimes, from kidnappings to killings to rape suspects, say people familiar with the matter.

 Many state and local law-enforcement agencies are accessing the database for a variety of investigations, according to people familiar with the program, putting a wealth of information in the hands of local officials who can track vehicles in real time on major roadways.

  While that might seem like a legitimate reason to collect this information it raises privacy concerns because the government is collecting this data on millions of Americans who are not suspected of any crime.

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Sarah Palin on the GOP establishment: ‘It’s not just the New England Patriots who are dealing with deflated balls’

January 25, 2015

 I do not know if you have heard about this or not but the New England Patriots (who are obviously under attack by the left for their “offensive” team name) have been under scrutiny for allegedly having under-inflated balls. Of course I jest–even it you are not a sports fan you cannot help but to have heard of this “scandal” because it has been splashed all over the news as if it is the most important issue facing America today.

  I think you all know how I feel about Sarah Palin and her possible run for the Presidency in 2016 but in case you do not here is my position:

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The Revolting Truth with Andrew Klavan: ‘Which Black Lives Matter’

January 25, 2015

 By now everybody has heard about the #blacklivesmatter movement which has been sweeping across the nation since the death of Michael Brown at the hands of Darren Wilson.

  But does #blacklivesmatter really care about all black lives or just the black lives which the movement can use to promote its political agenda?

  In his latest The Revolting Truth video entitled “Which Black Lives Matter” Andrew Klavan takes on this controversial topic and exposes the hypocrisy of the movement as only he can.

  Toward  the end of this video he explains how this is another attempt to divide the American people (which I often refer to as the Hegelian Dialectic) and he states that EACH life matters because each life is created in the image of God and if we were not we would just be matter and would not matter.


Open thread for Sunday, January 25th: Institutionalized

January 25, 2015

open-thread  Here is the open thread for Sunday, January 25th. Please feel free to post links to interesting articles and to discuss whatever issues arise during the course of the day. Nothing is off-topic here.

 This week we discussed another 11 stories, did you miss any of them? If so there is an easy way to make sure it does not happen again. I understand that all of you are busy and cannot always find the time to check the blog for updates so why not subscribe to America’s Watchtower and receive email updates whenever I write a new post? That is the easiest way to follow the blog to ensure you never miss another post.

  In addition to subscribing you can also follow America’s Watchtower on Facebook and Twitter by clicking the links on the right. But you will get more than that for I often post links to articles I probably will not be writing about so it is a great way to keep up with what is happening.

  The Twitter widget in the sidebar is fully interactive. This widget updates my tweets in real time and allows you to respond to or retweet my tweets right from the blog. It also allows you to tweet me right from America’s Watchtower. How cool is that! If you do not have a Twitter account what better reason do you need to sign up for one!?

  Now on to the musical selection of the week: As I was driving somewhere this week for some reason I was reminded of a line from an obscure song from the 1980’s which received some modest airplay on alternative radio in Boston.

  “All I wanted was a Pepsi and she wouldn’t give it to me.”

  That lyric was from a song entitled “Institutionalized” by the band Suicidal Tendencies and I knew that this was the song I was going to choose for the open thread. Here is Suicidal Tendencies performing the song live in 2013.

 So you’re gonna be institutionalized
You’ll come out brainwashed with bloodshot eyes
You won’t have any say
They’ll brainwash you until you see their way.

How can you know what’s my best interest is?
How can you say what my best interest is? What are you trying to say, I’m crazy?
When I went to your schools, I went to your churches,
I went to your institutional learning facilities?! So how can you say I’m crazy?

They say they’re gonna fix my brain
Alleviate my suffering and my pain
But by the time they fix my head
Mentally I’ll be dead


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