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New Hampshire: Maggie Hassan admits Ovide Lamontagne was right

November 29, 2012

  During the campaign to replace the outgoing Democrat Governor of New Hampshire, John Lynch, Maggie Hassan and the Democrats in the state portrayed Ovide Lamontagne as a radical, Tea Party extremist who wanted draconian cuts to social programs and education because he was a mean spirited, non-caring elitist. (My words of course, but that was the tone of the campaign from the left and not that much different from some of the commercials running in the state.) Maggie Hassan was the angel who would swoop in and give everybody everything and nobody would ever want again. (Again, my words.)

  Ovide Lamontagne spoke about fiscal responsibility–the same type of fiscal responsibility which the Tea Party in New Hampshire used after winning the 2010 mid-tem elections to cut both taxes and spending while balancing a budget which came in 10% lower than the previous budget–while Maggie Hassan ran on the promise to reinstate all the budget cuts. Guess who won?

  State agencies submitted their budget proposals last week and naturally they expected the “irresponsible” spending cuts would be restored, after all that is what Maggie Hassan promised, and if all the spending increases proposed by these agencies were approved the state budget would go up a whopping 19%.

  Now that she is governor-elect Maggie Hassan is faced with reality and cannot rely on rhetoric and she admitted yesterday that the state  simply cannot afford the increases which are being sought. I guess she now thinks it would be irresponsible to undo the “irresponsible” spending cuts, now it would be irresponsible to spend more money. She admitted that it would take years to undo all the spending cuts made two years ago by the Tea Party Republicans, but that was not the tune she was singing during the campaign.

  Ovide Lamontagne warned the people of New Hampshire that we simply could not afford the spending which Maggie Hassan was proposing  and now that she is governor-elect Maggie Hassan has admitted that Ovide Lamontagne was right all along.

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  1. November 29, 2012 8:56 am

    So then, if we are to understand correctly, fiscal responsibility was rejected by the N,H. voters in favor of fiscal irresponsibility. The next logical step is for Obama to make NH a stop on his “fiscal cliff” campaign tour and extol the virtues of increased spending and honor the courage of the electorate for voting in the Santa Claus candidate. The democrats may want to change their name to “The Christmas Party.”


    • November 29, 2012 1:17 pm

      YOu are 100% right, that is exactly what happened here. This is why I am not hopeful we can turn this nation around before we go bankrupt, I think this is the national mindset.


    • November 29, 2012 2:18 pm

      You are 100 percent right on Petermc3 and Steve Dennis.


  2. November 29, 2012 9:38 am

    States cannot operate like the Feds because States Cannot Print Money, but States such as N.H., CA, NY, NJ, Illinois, Wisconsin,Oregon, Washington state and a few others can Bust Their Budgets, and then the Feds Bail Them Out, and that is why these Fools And Thieves keep getting elected by the Ignorant Masses of Takers. This is just one more example of a federal government agency that is out of control. I had a professor at Auburn University who made the following point in a class I had there about 30 years ago. He said, “anytime that the federal government creates an agency, department, commission, or bureau to deal with a ‘perceived problem’ that the ‘perceived’ problem will not only never be solved, the problem will grow worse as the newly formed government bureaucracy begins to find more and more ‘perceived problems’ to fix or more ‘perceived victims’ to serve. And, as the new bureaucracy gains size, power and expenditures, it begins to build it’s own self-perpetuating empire and like all empires, it seeks growth in size, power and expenditures and like all empires, the bureaucratic machine becomes despotic, and like all despotic empires, it will never willingly relinquish any of it’s power and status.”

    That is what is wrong in the USA today. We have so many federal bureaucracies and all of them seeking empire status, and growing in size and power, they build new buildings, hire more employees, and branch out and their powers are almost unstoppable. Today, we have so many federal bureaucracies, that nobody has any idea how many there are. And, none of the agencies want to solve any problems and in fact, they have to find new things to regulate and control, thus creating and finding more and more crises to meddle in.

    It is because of all these federal bureaucracies that we are now 14 trillion in debt, and is the reason that the public education system has been destroyed, and all the manufacturing and industrial companies have fled to other countries to operate. No company can make a profit when it costs the majority of their profits to abide by never-ending regulations and then taxation that stifles profits and growth.

    The nanny state will never end unless we elect presidents and congressmen/women who have the courage to begin abolishing about 80 percent of the unconstitutional federal bureaucracies.

    This show of force by the FDA and DEA is just one more example of the Fascistic Federal Bureaucracy we have allowed president after president to build in order to continually expand the size and power of the federal government.

    We now live in a literal totalitarian country that exercises fascistic powers through the federal bureaucracies who are accountable to nobody. They can create and enforce any regulations and fees they want to, and nobody ever challenges them. The Totalitarian Nanny State that we have created makes the old USSR look like a virtual freedom and liberty paradise in comparison to this federal bureaucratic and fascistic monster we have allowed to be created in the land of the free and brave. And, of course, many states and local governments mimic the federal bureaucracy and that is why socialist states such as New York, California, Illinois, New Jersey and others are now bankrupt. We are bankrupt as a nation.


    • November 29, 2012 10:42 am

      Touché J man. Here in NJ our republican governor gave his French kiss of approval to Obama’s reelection after hurricane Sandy. so muuch for a politician fighting the good fight. Soon what we will be left with are death and taxes, the logical extensions of the totalitarianism coming down the pipe. What we can be sure of is that once there is nothing left to tax, genicide will surely follow.


      • November 29, 2012 2:21 pm

        Ditto again Petermc3. I will never again be a Fan of Chris Christie after his Photo Op for Obama that helped Boost his re-election efforts. In 2016, if he should run for POTUS, I will not support him. Up until this Free Campaign Appearance he provided Obama with, I had respect for the man for being tough, but now we see who and what he is. Just another Political Whore.


      • November 29, 2012 8:00 pm

        There is no doubt in my mind that Christie helped Obama win reelection and if he and Jeb Bush are the best the Republicans have to offer count me out.


    • Earle Andrews permalink
      November 29, 2012 1:04 pm



  3. lou222 permalink
    November 29, 2012 10:18 am

    Fiscal responsibility, be damned! Let’s take this country down, one state at a time!!!


    • November 29, 2012 10:54 am

      I don’t know Lou , 57 states be a lot of states yo.


      • November 29, 2012 1:21 pm



      • lou222 permalink
        November 29, 2012 1:31 pm

        Well, I was being facitious…that might be all we have left is our humor, over all this stupidity by this administration! And, YES, Peter, 57 states is surely alot!


      • November 29, 2012 8:01 pm

        We have to laugh Lou or else we would cry.


    • November 29, 2012 1:21 pm

      Yep, keep spending until there is nothing left, I wonder if the people realize this can’t go on or if they are just too short sighted to see what is going to happen.


  4. November 29, 2012 12:34 pm

    jerrome is right. If your new governor had a printing press, she would be spending like there was no tomorrow. And, by the way, there is no tomorrow precisely because of all the big spenders.


    • November 29, 2012 1:11 pm

      Reminds me of the old joke(paraphrasing) Can you loan me &16 billion till I get straightened out, I’m a hunch back…..


      • November 29, 2012 1:23 pm

        We are hunch backed all right, under the weight of this crushing debt!


    • November 29, 2012 1:22 pm

      Yes she would be, we are still going to see increased spending, just one as much as she would have liked.


      • November 29, 2012 2:16 pm

        MaggieMae owes Obama a quickie. If not for his setting the stage for the legitimization of the fiscal insanity becoming commonplace in most of the 57 states she would only be screwing her husband or partner instead of everyone in NH.


      • November 29, 2012 8:02 pm

        Yep, the same mindset that won Hassan election swept Obama back into power as well.


  5. November 29, 2012 2:22 pm

    This Petraeus scandal is much deeper and bigger than an affair. This affair business is nothing but a smoke screen to cover the fact that the CIA, FBI, State Department, UN and others lied about Behghazi. And, what are they hiding? What they are hiding is the fact that our government was harboring terrorists and supplying them with arms to aid in the overthrow of Syria, and Mr. Stevens knew of this mission, and the Obama Regime wanted the mission to succeed so therefore the Obama Regime had to Eliminate Ambassador Stevens so that he could not tell the U.S. Public what was going on, and what was going on is that the Obama Regime was Arming and Supporting Terrorist Groups, including the Muslim Brotherhood and their Off Shoot Al Quieda. but the media will never report on this, and the Lies will continue.

    This is the only thing that makes since given the degree of coverup that has taken place and now the resignation of Petraeus and Obama saying he knew nothing of the Affairs of Petraeus. Give me a break. This is the biggest and most serious Trasonous and Seditious act in American History, and it is my hope and prayer that we have enough decent Senators and Congressmen left to Drag Obama kicking and Screaming before some hearings of Impeachment and Imprisonment. We have never had a more corrupt regime than the Obama Regime, and the Media continue to run cover for him. None of this came out before the election because the Obama Regime, with help from the Media Buried This Story until Obama’s Re-Election was secure. He is a liar. The Media are liars and propagandists for the Regime. Had the truth come out, He Would Have Lost this Election, and they knew it. Now, Obama is conveniently in Asia making deals with his Communist Buddies in China.


    • lou222 permalink
      November 29, 2012 4:21 pm

      Jerome, it is just an offshoot or part of F&F. Let’s hope that the media finally sees that they are aiding and abetting not only alledged terrorism, but a probable impeachable offense by covering for this administration. Hope I covered myself there and didn’t say TOO much, we have to be watchful what we say from now on, you know. Oh, I forgot, nothing is too horrible for them to cover up.


      • November 29, 2012 4:59 pm

        Are you referring to that same media that has Al Sharpton pontificating on MSLSD? It may be a broad generalization but pretty much every outlet whether print or electronic will pimp for the left until there is no more right. If Obama isn’t in handcuffs now he never will be and they sure as hell aren’t going to help nail him. It takes two to tango; a corrupt administration and media playing to a willing audience.


      • lou222 permalink
        November 29, 2012 5:05 pm

        Yep, the same media. Pimping is pretty much what they are doing, isn’t it?


      • November 29, 2012 8:04 pm

        It sure is Lou and I wouldn’t expect too much from them on this scandal either.


    • November 29, 2012 8:03 pm

      Yes it is bigger than a sex scandal and it is also bigger than the Susan Rice aspect of the scandal. The regime is using both these scandals as a smoke screen for the real scandal in Benghazi.


      • lou222 permalink
        November 29, 2012 10:08 pm

        Well, we do know that if the media focuses on something, we better be looking elsewhere, because they are trying to draw our attention away from what is really going on.


      • November 29, 2012 10:16 pm

        You have that right Lou!


      • November 30, 2012 9:19 am

        Obama is a Serial Liar who naturally lies, and is willing to read any piece of crap propaganda and lies that David Axelrod, his handler and chief propagandist, put on his teleprompter and do it in such a way as to make himself look sincere. Obama is a Narcissist and Sociopath with absolutely no scruples, morals or convictions and only loves himself and power and “Money For Nothing”, which is how he has lived his entire life without ever having a Real Job. Obama is the biggest Welfare Recipient in U.S. History. He and his racist and hateful wife, Mooch-Elle, added 1.4 billion dollars last year alone on their lavish lifestyle of exotic vacations, trips abroad, golfing, and entertaining their friends and taking them on trips at the tax payers expense. They believe themselves as Royalty, but even the entire Royal Family of Great Britain only spent 57 million on their entire family, Queen, King, Prince and Princesses, and it was their own money for the most part. It is time to remind the Obama’s that are not Royalty and they are not Above the Law. What they are doing when they take 20 or 30 of their buddies along on trips to impress them, is nothing short of FRAUD and THEFT, not to mention Waste and Abuse of Our Tax Dollars and Abuse of Executive Power. It is time to put a Crimp in their lifestyle, and cut their 1.4 billion Entertainment and Vacation Expenses. That would be a great place to start.


      • November 30, 2012 1:10 pm

        At this point I don’t think Obama even knows what the truth is!


  6. lou222 permalink
    November 30, 2012 11:14 am

    We all know what you just put is true, but there are MANY that see no problem with all the trips, you know Obama works so HARD for the American people. Michelle’s trips are another story, you would think they might have an issue there, but once again, nothing. It is amazing that it is thrown in our faces and we have to accept it, or so they say. All this while, WE are struggling with payments, taxes and just general living expenses, forget big trips, that is a thing of the past….who can afford all the gas?? So, here we sit, with doom on the horizon and Obama is planning yet another Christmas trip that will cost us big bucks, just in time for the cliff dive…what a leader he is,,,yep, best we have ever had. Now, I assume when this happens there will be alot of deer in the headlights looks from those that thought he was our “savior”, will they finally GET IT? I don’t know, Jerome, things are not right, have not been for awhile and I wonder if we will ever straighten this mess out!!!!


    • November 30, 2012 1:11 pm

      Yet every time Bush went to Camp David it was a major story in the press.


      • lou222 permalink
        December 1, 2012 12:53 am

        Bush was also concerned that Secret Service got to spend Christmas with their own families, unlike this bunch that is in OUR HOUSE now. They are all for themselves, they don’t care about the little people, at ALL.


      • December 1, 2012 7:35 pm

        Yeah, Obama is so worried about the fiscal cliff he is planning to vacation in Hawaii when we head over the fiscal cliff!


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