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Bush’s Poll Numbers Among Republicans

February 26, 2007

george-w-bush-picture.jpgThis article appeared on, it shows us that the president poll very strong with republican voters. This means the constant polls you see on the mainstream media are heavily weighted with Democrat voters. Of course, we knew they were skewing the polls to advance their liberal agenda, this just confirms it. How did this manage to get past the editors?

Here is the article:

GOP is abandoning Bush? Not quite

The Washington punditocracy has proclaimed far and wide that Republicans, disenchanted with the war in Iraq, are abandoning President Bush in droves, leaving him the lamest of lame ducks. However, the latest USA TODAY/Gallup Poll suggests Bush might not be as wounded as he appears — at least not among his party faithful.

The Feb. 9-11 poll puts Bush’s job approval at 37%, but among people who identify themselves as Republican or leaning Republican, his approval rating is 76%.

Thus, despite bad news from Baghdad and carefully crafted hand-wringing by high-profile GOP war critics in Congress such as Sen. Chuck Hagel of Nebraska, three of four Republicans in the country are hanging in there with the president.

The poll also shows that rank-and-file Republicans have higher regard for the president than they do Republicans in Congress. They gave GOP lawmakers a 63% job-approval rating, 13 points below Bush’s. And 72% of Republicans do not think Bush made a mistake sending U.S. troops to Iraq.

So if congressional Republicans figure the key to re-election in 2008 is taking a hard line against Bush on Iraq, they could be dead wrong. They might lure some independents, but they risk alienating their GOP base. To win, you need solid support from your base plus independents, not independents alone.

Conventional wisdom also says the presidential ambitions of Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., could be derailed by his strong support for the war. This poll, however, shows that his stance could be a plus among the base.

What does this high approval among Republicans mean for Bush? It means that as long as his party support remains that strong, he won’t fall below 30% approval, a depth that would virtually extinguish his political power. The lowest Bush has fallen is 31%, still enough to make him a significant, although wounded, force in legislative battles with the Democratic-controlled Congress.

The latest congressional skirmish over Iraq underscores the point. In the House’s non-binding vote to oppose the president’s deployment of more troops to Baghdad, 17 Republicans voted with 229 Democrats to pass the measure. Four GOP representatives didn’t vote. Lost was the fact that 180 Republicans stuck with Bush. By that count, Bush gets a 92% loyalty standing among House Republicans who voted. Hardly a GOP exodus.

In the Senate, Democrats fell four votes short of the 60 needed to force a vote on an identical Iraq resolution. Why? Not enough Republicans would go along. Indeed, seven GOP senators broke with the president, and nine didn’t vote, yet 33 held firm. Among GOP senators who voted, that’s an 83% Republican loyalty rating for Bush.

Though the president may have lost the country on the issues of the day, rumors of his demise among Republicans voters and lawmakers are greatly exaggerated.

Richard Benedetto retired last year as White House correspondent for USA TODAY. He teaches journalism and politics at American University in Washington and is author of Politicians Are People, Too.

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  1. Yolanda M. Glatfelter permalink
    January 5, 2008 4:13 pm

    American people shpuld instead support our man & women in Iraq & not listening to these left wing liberal’s who doesn’t care our safety againts these terrorist.For sure if our Pres. didn’t do any action about those 6,000 people last 9/11 they will still attacked the Pres. like what they’re doing now.God Bless America.America should wake up Democrat’s will turn this country to Sodom & Gemmorrah.They are trying to get rid of Christmas now in fact.They insist that State & Religion is separate,that’s a myth,they want this country to be a secular society or to be atheist or to be agnoustic’s.They have more money now attacking the conservative’s & pushing their liberal agenda compared to Republican’s since they are in control


  2. Yolanda M. Glatfelter permalink
    January 5, 2008 4:27 pm

    I want to add this also about the 60,000,000 Babie’s had been murdered thru abortion @ the expense of the tax payer’s money eversince this Bill was legalized.The 13 or 15 yr old teenager can have now abortion w/o the knowledged of their parent’s.It is okey for the Democrat’s to blasphemied our Christian Faith ,but it is not okey if conservatives say something about the Gay’s & Lesbian’s even it’s biblically related
    Christian Conservative will be persecuted & that’s why they passed this Hate Crime Bill Conservative’s are being denied now for their right’s..


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