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Georgia Students have First Integrated Prom

April 24, 2007

This is amazing in today’s day and age. To still have had anything segregated, I just don’t know what to say. You just don’t think it would be permissible today.

Said one student:

“There was not anybody that I can remember that was black,” she said. “The white people have theirs, and the black people have theirs. It’s nothing racial at all.”

Huh? Is this what Georgia students are being taught? I heard even the Stockton limo rentals had to be segregated during prom time. Madness!

I did a little searching into the present and former Georgia Governors and found something interesting. According to from 1872 until 2003 all of Georgia’s governors were Democrats. In 2003 Sonny Perdue, a Republican took office.

I find it strange that the party that tells us to celebrate diversity, the party that brings us political correctness found nothing wrong with this. They found no need to act on segregation. They found it acceptable.

It wasn’t until a Republican took office that segregation was eliminated. Was this just coincidence or was there a specific reason?


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