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New Hampshire Students go on a Field Trip….to Planned Parenthood

June 13, 2007

It seems as though since the parental notification law will be repealed by Governor Lynch it has opened the door for liberal teachers and councilors to use this to push their agenda. For those of you not familiar with New Hampshire, a law will soon be repealed by governor John Lynch that required a parent be notified if their underage daughter was going to have an abortion. A minor can’t have any medical procedure done, including x-rays, without a parent giving the okay, but they will be able to make a serious decision like abortion on their own.

So anyway, a group called STAY, who have a program for at-risk middle school students seem to have decided that since a minor can sneak behind their parents back and have an abortion that they would have to show them how and where to get one if the parents aren’t there to give them a ride. They took MIDDLE SCHOOL students on a field trip to an abortion center.

You can read about  it here.

I hope governor Lynch is proud of the way he is eroding family values in New Hampshire.

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  1. June 14, 2007 8:42 am

    Where are the parents in all this? Shouldn’t they be stepping up and demanding a stop to this sort of thing? Children are still under their care – particularly middle-school children – and parent’s should have plenty of say whether or not this sort of thing should or can go on in schools!

    If the government is going to fail, it needs to now be up to the parents to take care of these sorts of things…


  2. June 14, 2007 5:21 pm

    That is a great question and one that is being asked here. The investigation is looking into whether the permission slip was specific enough about all the stops on this field trip, this wasn’t the only stop. It is possible the parents weren’t fully informed of the trip. However these are children who are considered at-risk so I don’t know what kind of parenting has been done with these children.



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