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Population Control to Stop Global Warming, or is There a Hidden Agenda?

July 19, 2007

A British advocacy group is warning that compulsory restrictions on family sizes may become “unavoidable” if the Earth is to be saved from disaster.The Optimum Population Trust, a group that advocates curbing global population growth because of humans’ impact on the environment, says that over the next 50 years, the planet will have to deal with the largest generation of adolescents and teenagers in history.

    Population control appears to be in the future in Europe. The government will soon be able to tell it’s citizens how many children they can have. I have a question, will the European Muslims also adhere to this law if it ever takes place? We already know there are pockets of areas in Europe that are being governed by Sharia law, and that do not recognize the laws of the country they live in. The world growth rate of Muslims is 2.13 and Christians is 1.36, the birth rate of Muslims is about double that of Christians. Part of their plan is to outbreed western civilization to spead Islam across the world. You can call me crazy if you want. You can call me a racist or an alarmist, but just open your eyes and take a good look around you and see what is going on.

 This post was supposed to be about global warming, so I will not try to get back on point here, although there does seem to be another point I will have to address shortly. This global warming hoax appears to be a convienent excuse to promote more than one liberal idea. The main idea is tax revenue.

over the next 50 years, the planet will have to deal with the largest generation of adolescents and teenagers in history.

Many of these, the organization says, will be unemployed young men who, in their frustration over their situation, may resort to violence. This will add to the already overwhelming burden developing countries are facing as a result of population growth.

  The first paragraph in this post mentions global warming, but as I re-read the article it has nothing to do with global warming, they just mention it in the first paragraph of the article to use it as a springboard for other liberal ides. This latest paragraph predicts many children turning to violence due to frustration over unemployment. Another reason for population control, or another reason for a greater welfare state?

  And now to the point I promised to address, what is the one liberal idea that naturally has to go hand in hand with population control?

To prevent this, the report advocates a mix of government policies to prevent women worldwide from having more than an average of two children.

Recommendations for developing countries include funding to provide women much greater access to contraception and abortions.

  You guessed it, abortion. Women need greater access to abortion, oh, and by the way they also need the funding. Pay up.

  I started this post thinking I would be talking about population control and global warming after I read the first paragraph, however it turned into something else. Here we have them mention global warming in the guise of using it to promote abortion, population control, and welfare.

  It seems to me that the global warming agenda is being used to promote hidden liberal agenda issues.

 Read the whole article here

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  1. July 20, 2007 2:06 am

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