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Latest New Hampshire Republican Presidential Poll (09-26)

September 26, 2007

  In July, Romney led Giuliani, 33 to 18 percent with Thompson at 13 percent and McCain at 12 percent in New Hampshire. That has now changed rather significantly.

  According to the latest New Hampshire poll:

The University of New Hampshire’s latest poll, conducted for CNN and WMUR, shows Romney and Rudy Giuliani in a virtual tie, with 23 percent of likely GOP presidential primary voters favoring Romney, 22 percent favoring Giuliani, 17 percent favoring McCain and 12 percent favoring Fred Thompson.

  Romney and Rudy are now tied, and McCain has made a slight push up from 12% to 17%. I believe Thompson’s decision not to participate in the last New Hampshire debate has hurt him here. But, as this poll shows, it is still very early and things can change rapidly.

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  1. nh4ronpaul permalink
    September 26, 2007 11:09 pm

    Um well, this does not take into account the 2/3 undecided and the 43% independents.

    Remember PJB won NH with 27% when this same ‘poll’ which by the way only calls a mere 324 people, said he had only 6% going into the primary.

    I would not put much stock in this poll. McCain’s campaign is over.


  2. September 27, 2007 10:28 am

    Ya know, as much as I am a Fred supporter, the more I see and hear from Romney, the more I like him. He is a very convicted man and he isn’t afraid to say it how it is. Honestly, I would like to see a Fred/Romney ballot or vice versa. I think that would make for a powerhouse option for 2008.


  3. September 27, 2007 10:10 pm

    Well, I liked Romney, but he appears to me to be pandering and flip flopping. Romney’s record of conservative leadership is too short in my mind. Right now, I’m rooting for McCain. If there really are 43% of independents in NH, I bet they’d rather have McCain than Hillary any day.



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