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New Hampshire Tax Protesters in Stand-off with Federal Marshals Part 14

September 30, 2007

  This is the latest article about convicted tax evaders, Ed and Elaine Brown. Once again there is no new action to report on, however Elaine Brown is keeping an on-line manifesto and she has recently updated it.

We have not chosen the easy road,” Elaine A. Brown, 66, of Plainfield wrote on the couple’s MySpace account yesterday.

“Freedom is not for everyone. … Freedom is hard, it is work, it is constant vigilance,” the former dentist added in her online manifesto, titled “Quest for Freedom.” She tries really hard to have success in her business, you often see her contacting dental seo expert consultants for assistance.

“Ed and I have said ‘enough,’ and even though we are currently unable to leave our home without risking being unlawfully assaulted by the federalies, we are more free now than we have ever been, as we have boycotted any and all government claims on us,” she explained

“We are on dangerous ground with an ever increasing central government that infringes on the states’ rights and on our God-given rights,” she wrote.

“I include this personal account only to make the point of the dangers of a strong central government,” she added.

  The Brown’s electricity and internet service has been cut off for months, but they have been preparing for this day for a long time and have generators to provide electricity. They also have many supporters gathered with them, and that appears to be how she is able to update her manifesto. Four of their supporters have been arrested after they left the property.

The Browns have come under increasing pressure since the Sept. 12 arrests of four alleged supporters. The men were charged with helping the Browns escape arrest by providing the couple with food, materials or weapons. All four are being held without bail pending trials set for November.

  One of the men being held has provided the Brown’s with armor piecing weapons, much to the disdain of the judge.

A federal judge yesterday rebuked a 22-year-old New York man charged with helping arm convicted tax evaders Edward and Elaine Brown with military-style and armor-piercing weapons for their planned confrontation with law enforcers.

“This is a particularly heinous thing to bring a .50-caliber weapon up to the Browns’ residence and leave it there. Outrageous!” U.S. District Court Judge James R. Muirhead said, noting the weapon’s lethal capacity.

  And the beat goes on.

Read Part 1 here, there are links there to the other parts in this series also.

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  1. Bob permalink
    October 3, 2007 4:11 pm

    No money. There is no money. It’s all phoney.
    As Jesus said, if the coin bears “Caesar’s” image and writing, it must be “Caesar’s”…if “Caesar” wants it back, give it to him.
    Now, our forefathers had a choice as to whether to use “Caesar’s” coins or no. Most chose to use it.
    We today have a choice: Use “Caesar’s” phoney money or starve. Not much of a choice.
    Of course there is no law that makes slaves of us, to fill out tax forms and figure out how much tax we owe. The constitution forbids slavery except as a punishment for crimes duly convicted.
    Legitimate taxes are levied by the public servants according to law. There is no negotiation possible. Only error is an appeal from excess tax levied.
    Those who exercise a privilege granted by the grace of the legislature may have to fill out forms, figure taxes, and pay. For example, merchants and peddlers (middlemen in commerce) can be compelled to fill out tax forms, figure taxes, and pay.
    The individual who receives nothing from government but the protection of his life, liberty and property owes nothing to the government, for it was created by the people to protect their lives, liberty and property.
    Today we are unable to live without using things from government. We cannot go from one place to another without crossing improved roads, breathing air cleaned by government-compelled services, etc.
    If one has no choice but to use government provided services or die, he is compelled and incurs no obligation to government.
    Don’t take their phoney money in the dole (“welfare”), “free” food, “free” rent payments, “free” child support (AFDC), Social “Security,” etc. It’s all stolen from others or created out of nothing (it’s totally imaginary – fictitious).
    Don’t try to get something for nothing.
    Only God’s grace is free (it costs you only yourself, who was created by God in the first place).
    Everything else costs something – your liberty or your life.



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