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Why are the Democrats Really Attacking Rush Limbaugh?

October 2, 2007

  The Democrats, not surprisingly,  have had it in for Rush Limbaugh for years. They finally have seized an opportunity to go on the offensive and try to bring him down. The problem is that they are either ignorant of the comment he made because they didn’t actually hear it, or they are purposely misrepresenting what he said. Rush was simply talking about a person who claimed he had been in Iraq and saw the US soldiers committing torture and murder ( sort of like John Kerry did after he left Vietnam), it was later found out that this soldierwas in the army, but he was discharged 41 days into boot-camp. He never saw active duty. It was this man that Rush was calling a phony soldier. The Democrats know this and they don’t care, they are deliberately lying to the American people on the floor of the Senate. The press is all to willing to go along with it, just read the articles, not one mentions the quote in context. They just write that Limbaugh said all troops who fought in Iraq that oppose the war are phony troops. This is so far from what he said it is laughable.

  The question is why are they going after Limbaugh NOW? The answer is because they are confident they will grow their majority in the house and senate, and take the white house. We all know they would like nothing better than to bring him down, but they have bigger plans than just that, once they have more control they will be able to execute their plan. They are laying the ground work right now. Word has also come out that the San Francisco Board of Supervisors has issued a condemnation of talk show host Michael Savage. They are calling his show hate speech. Then we have the Don Imus firing. There is also this little issue of the new hate crimes bill being brought up.

  We have heard Democrats say recently that it is time to reinstate the fairness in radio doctrine, they are currently laying the groundwork to do just that. They are attempting to silence anyone who disagrees with them. I hate to throw this word out there too much when talking about the Democrats, people don’t like to hear it, but this is communism. Silence those that have a differing opinion then the government? That is one of the very foundations of communism, is it not? Talk radio is the only form of the media that the Democrats don’t have control over, and they don’t like it.

  I am not a fan of Michael Savage, and Imus sucked anyway. Imus was one of their own, but sometimes you have to sacrifice one to get the rest. But don’t these people have a right to SAY what they want? Isn’t that one of the guarantees in the bill of rights? Isn’t freedom of the press another one? Who the hell do these people think they are that they can decide who has a voice and who doesn’t?

  This is scary stuff here. The Democrats are trying to silence the last remaining media outlet that isn’t primarily liberal in an attempt to regain power and never lose it again. These communists need to be stopped before they succeed or will will lose our voice to the state forever. When did it become wrong to debate? Why is it that Rosie can say the things she has said and the Democrats will defend her right to say them, yet when a conservative says something negative it is hate speech? How are the things that Rosie said not hate speech also?

  We are entering a dangerous time when one party looks not to debate the other party, but to eliminate it. Once you silence the opposition, there is no opposition.

 Here is the sixth Plank of the communist manifesto:

Centralization of the means of communication and transportation in the hands of the State.

Controlling communication. COMUNISM 101

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  1. October 2, 2007 11:58 pm

    Well said and I agree 100%!! I despise Michael Savage but he has the right to be heard if people want to listen.

    You are exactly right about this being scary and bringing us close to communism. Clear Channel which is the organization that Reid sent the letter to about Rush is defending Rush:,2933,298999,00.html

    I think this may backfire on Democrats. All the soldiers know how much Rush loves and supports them, they are not going to buy the spin by Reid and it will certainly anger them as it has me. I was supposed to call the despicable senators today but didn’t get a chance so they will hear from me tomorrow.


  2. October 3, 2007 12:00 am

    Also, Wordsmith posted about Keith Olbermann going after Michael Medved and completely taking out of context something he said and accusing Medved of supporting slavery. Olbermann is nuts!!!!!!!


  3. October 21, 2009 6:57 pm

    are you serious?


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