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Maine School to Offer Birth Control to 11 Year Old Students

October 16, 2007

 I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that a Maine School would offer free birth control to 11 year old  students after this controversial field trip to planned parenthood sponsored by a New Hampshire group for middle school students. But I still find it disgraceful.

Students who have parental permission to be treated at King Middle School’s health center would be able to get birth control prescriptions under a proposal that the Portland School Committee will consider Wednesday.

The proposal would build on the King Student Health Center’s practice of providing condoms as part of its reproductive health program since it opened in 2000, said Lisa Belanger, a nurse practitioner who oversees the city’s student health centers.

If the committee approves the King proposal, it would be the first middle school in Maine to make a full range of contraception available to some students in grades 6 to 8, said Nancy Birkhimer, director of teen health programs for the Maine Department of Health and Human Services. Most middle schoolers are ages 11-13.

 Of course, that is not the end of it.

Although students must have written parental permission to be treated at Portland’s school-based health centers, state law allows them to seek confidential health care and to decide whether to inform their parents about the services they receive, Belanger said.

 Naturally the parents don’t have to be informed about what their daughters are up to. We wouldn’t want the parents to have any say over what activities their 11 year old daughters are able to participate in. Maybe we should teach them about oral sex while we are at it as a form of birth control. President Clinton taught us that oral sex wasn’t sex didn’t he?

“I’m personally fine with it, but I know some parents might not be,” said Jennifer Southard, wife of City Councilor Edward Suslovic, who has two daughters at King. “I think information and access are good things. I would hope my children would come to me, but some students might not have that option.”

 Why wouldn’t they have that option? Is it because the parents wouldn’t approve? We can’t have that now can we? If you say no to a child you damage him or her emotionally for life, they will never recover, according to liberal mindthink.

This is really a sad commentary on where morals are heading in this country.

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  1. October 17, 2007 12:40 am

    Again, reason #300 on why I home school. I have a 13 year old daughter and I would beyond outraged if this was happening in her school. Yikes!!

    I also heard today that some day care worker thinks pre-schoolers should be able and encouraged to be involved in sex play. Aaaaaaaahhhh!! Where is this country headed???


  2. October 17, 2007 12:29 pm

    Wow, that is absolutely unbelievable! First off, are kids that age really that sexually active? If so, there’s a bigger problem to address here. If not, isn’t this sort of thing simply going to encourage sexual activity with kids this age? After all, it seems to be a method of taking away (or at least limiting) consequence – the same consequence that would word to keep kids from becoming too experimental at such a young age.

    Kids that age do not know or understand sex. I don’t care how advanced they claim to be or how much their parents may claim that their kids are going to “do it anyway.” It’s insane that the schools would be getting involved with such a thing and that parents aren’t asking WHY schools are getting involved. At 11, 12, 13 whatever, sex is something that parents should be dealing with when it comes to their children. Any parent who is willing to write off that responsibility on to the school ought to be really questioned as to their ability to function as a parent and how they raise their kids.

    What sort of culture are they promoting? I just wrote about the sexual culture the other day, and when you see things like this it just makes me wonder if things are just going to continue to get worse… This is a really bad slide to be stuck in. What ever happened to kids being allowed to be kids? Middle schools should be awkward and questioning when it comes to members of the opposite sex. They should not have schools encouraging them to be sexually active and then coddling them from the consequences.


  3. October 17, 2007 5:01 pm

    Most kids that age, I think, have no idea what sex is. As you ssid this is an example of the no consequences society we are headed towards. It really is diheartening to see what is being treated as normalcy with our children in school. They are being led down a path of personal deatruction while we are being told it’s for their own good. Parents have seen their responsibilities whittled away and I don’t believe they realize it, or they are glad to have the government take some of those responsibilites away from them. Either way it’s sad.

    Dee has it right, homeschooling is the way to go, parents having control of what coarses their children are taught.

    I am going to attempt a post tonight, hopefully, that will tie this story in with two or threee others from New England. It’s scary when you look at them all together.


  4. Rob V. permalink
    October 18, 2007 9:13 am

    Though I am not a fan of the idea of children going out and having sex, the bottom line is that it happens. Its happening right now, it will be happening tomorrow and it will be happening next year. No matter what these kids are told, no matter how much information we give them, they will continue to do what they want. While I understand the outrage some people are feeling in regards to the birth control issue in Maine…ya’ll are missing one big thing…would you rather your tween child go out and have sex behind your back and end up being the only pregnant 7th grader, or would you prefer if they are going to go do what they want with thier bodies, that they do it safe wit protection….think about it


  5. October 18, 2007 11:05 am

    I think the point is that it should be in the parent’s hands, not the school’s hands. Schools are there to educate. At no time should it be OK for schools to step into a parenting role.

    Besides, we all know that shit happens, but it will happen even more if consequences are taken away. Right now there are still plenty of kids who are smart enough to refrain from sexual activity because of the possible consequences. What will happen once those consequences are taken away?


  6. vader permalink
    October 18, 2007 10:23 pm

    Personally I am disgusted. Kids 11-13 should not even be engaging in sexual activity. The age of when kids are having sex is decreasing at a constant rate and if parents do not voice their opinions loud enough then we are going to have a Brave New World situation….5 year olds engaging in sexual activity (for those who have and have not read the book…it happens). Sex is essentially for people who love each other, not for 11-13 year olds…it seems to me that this is a perfect example of the decay of American society. Eleven year olds don’t understand sex! Who cares if they’re gonna ‘do it anyway’?! It doesnt make a difference in the magnitude of this situation! And it doesn’t matter that they’re gonna ‘do it anyway’! You should have sex when you’re ready and when you decide that whoever your’e going to have sex with is smart about it as well as worthy of such a connection. In response to Ron V.’s comment, whether or not your seventh grader has sex depends on the kind of self-worth and values are instilled in them by the parent. Whether they do it safely and with protection is irrelevant because it this is not a matter of STDs. It is a matter of values and common sense.


  7. vader permalink
    October 18, 2007 10:31 pm

    I would also like to point out that arclight’s point is an excellent one. If the school is practically guaranteeing that no pregnancy will occur, then it seems to me that this would influence middle schoolers to make the decision to have sex because one of the consequences is taken away. Middle schoolers are not nearly mature enough to make rational and logical decisions about something as serious as sex. I am not insinuating that they are stupid, I am merely pointing out that middle schoolers might see it as even more okay to do it since the school (which is an authoritative figure) is offering birth control if they do it. Think about it. If an authorititative figure (like a doctor) is doing something or telling you something, you assume that whatever they say or tell you holds some truth. Middle school kids are quite easy to influence, so they might see this even as an ‘okay’ to have sex without experiencing and learning from the consequences.


  8. October 19, 2007 4:52 am

    Rob v, it’s not simply a matter of “the kids are going to do it anyway”, it’s a matter of the school involving themselves in a paret’s private life. Now the school is making it easier for the child to sneak behind their parent’s back.
    As arclightzero and vader said, the schools are taking away the consequences of sex thus encouraging the children who are less likely to try it, to try it.


  9. October 20, 2007 3:29 pm

    I was useful very much.
    Thank you


  10. March 28, 2008 4:53 pm

    You are all fools if you believe that kids don’t know what sex is at that age. The school is by NO means promoting sex it is providing health care. Your child may know that its wrong to be sexually active but that maynot stop them, and if it doesn’t stop them wouldn’t you want your kids to be educated and protected against STD and pregnancy. If you pretend sex doesn’t exist and that your kids don’t know about it, then you are in for a rude awakening. Talk to your kids about it before their misinformed friends do. Education is the key to preventing unwanted pregnancies and the spread of STDs. Good luck parents!


  11. Eva permalink
    April 29, 2008 3:57 pm

    Alright… the thing is if kids are going to be sexually active they will be sexually active. There is nothing that you can do to make them stop once their minds are made up. Alright?

    Sure, not everyone likes it but you have to face the facts that kids are becoming sexually active younger and younger these days. Taking away birth control will only result in more pregnancies.

    I’m a high school student and I know what is going on in these kid’s lives that their parents do not know about. Parents aren’t giving girls the pill when the girls want to be responsible about their actions and a lot of these girls end up pregnant.

    I agree with this completly… really.


  12. April 29, 2008 8:56 pm

    First, thank you for stopping by. I am just curious how you got here. Was it an interest in politics or were you looking up this subject? Not that is matters, I was just wondering.

    Okay, I know teenagers are going to have sex, I was one myself once. Longer ago than I like to think. Just because teenagers are going to have sex doesn’t mean that it should be encouraged by making it easier for them to have sex without consequences. That is a major problem in America today, the fact that there are no longer any consequences for bad behavior. Not just on this issue, but many, many others.
    Perhaps if birth control wasn’t so readily available young girls would think twice about it. If they didn’t and they become pregnant, so be it. That is life.
    Parents aren’t giving the girls the pill for a reason, it is time for the schools to stop interferring in the rights of the parents, the parents should have the final say in the way they raise their children. Someday you will understand this. You do understand that there are more risks to having sex than just pregnancy, don’t you? I hope so because the pill will not prevent you from getting a disease that could kill you or at least make the rest of your life uncomfortable.



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