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New Hampshire’s Upcoming Legislative Agenda

December 30, 2007

 Cross posted at Grizzly Groundswell

 As of the first of the year, forty new laws will go into effect in New Hampshire. The most controversial is that civil unions will now be performed in New Hampshire. New Hampshire will also recognize same sex marriages and civil unions performed in other states as legal.

 Some other laws that go into effect are, drivers under 21 will receive driver’s licenses that are printed out vertically instead of horizontal. This is to make it easier for store clerks to tell if an underage person is trying to buy alcohol. Evidently New Hampshire lawmakers think store clerks are too stupid to check the date of birth on the licence. Once a driver turns 21 they will have to go get a new driver’s licence. This means most new drivers will have to go get a new licence before they would otherwise have to, thus bringing in more registration fees. A tax increase if you care to look at it that way, and I do.

 It will now be illegal to burn construction materials.

 Health insurance companies will now be required to keep coverage on divorced spouses for three years.

 Dog owners can be fined up to $400 for a second offence if their dog escapes.

 Children in custody battles will have more say on which parent they live with.

 As of January 3rd the new legislative session begins, so I thought I would share with you what critical issues will be discussed and voted on this session. First they are going to  revisit some old battlegrounds- parental notification, restaurant smoking ban, taxes and civil unions . Then it is straight to more nanny state legislation.

 There will be a bill to ban public urination. Don’t get me wrong, I am against public urination, who isn’t, but do we really need the government wasting time on this issue to tell us we can’t piss in public? I think most people understand this on their own, and to tell you the truth I have never seen anyone doing this. This is something people regulate on their own without government interference.

 From there they will decide if cigar bars can allow smoking. Another common sense issue cluttering the legislature. If you don’t want to smell cigar smoke, what the hell are you doing in a cigar bar? GET THE HELL OUT.

 Banning texting while driving then will hit the floor. Can you say more nanny state? I think you can. I know enough not to text while I am driving, most people do. Again, I don’t need the government protecting me. I can take care of myself.

 There is a bill to lessen restrictions on where a clotheslines can be hung. This bill is designed to help save the planet from global warming. More clotheslines mean less energy consuming driers. BRILLIANT!

 I am beginning to sound like a broken record while writing about all this nanny state legislation, so let’s move on to another topic. A topic we always must be wary of with a Democrat in charge, especially with a Democrat majority in all branches of government, TAXES.

 Rep. James Kennedy, D-Exeter, is proposing a 3.5 percent income tax. Typical. Governor Lynch’s fiscally responsible budget with an increase of 17.5% in spending did not even include funding for his unconstitutional education funding bill. Estimates on that bill are in the $400 million range per year. We will find out the actual cost in February. GULP. New Hampshire must come up with this money somewhere and that is why any proposed income tax should be worrisome. It is coming to New Hampshire, and people like me, who work in Massachusetts and pay Massachusetts taxes are going to be hit the hardest.

 All in all this looks to be an interesting legislative session upcoming, and I am going to be sitting here watching it, exposing it, and trying to stop it.

 New Hampshire voters, we need to get back to the rational, less intrusive government that made New Hampshire special. We are losing her, and she will be missed.

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