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Diplomatic Gains in Iraq Help Stop the Flow of Terrorists into that Country

January 3, 2008

 Democrats have been shifting their excuse for surrendering the Iraq war from, we can’t win to Iraq isn’t ever going to make political gains in an effort to legitimize the withdrawal of American troops before victory is achieved. Well now according to this article the Democrat’s new strategy may be ready to backfire on them also.

 General David Petraeus, commander of U.S. forces in Iraq, is crediting efforts by the Syrian government, along with stepped-up counter-terrorism activities in other Arab states, with cutting the flow of al Qaeda terrorists entering Iraq.

This change in Syrian behavior has occurred at a time when the Iraqi government and the regime of Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad have been increasing their diplomatic and economic engagement, and when relations between Jordan and Syria also have been warming.

 This is more bad news for the Democrats. Iraq is making international political process, so now the Democrats are going to have to find another angle . They thought that they had the president outflanked several times when it came to ending the war, but each time they ended up being undone by the progress being obtained in the war.

“We said from the beginning that the security and economic cooperation between Syria and Iraq could not be achieved if there was not a political will and if no political understanding was reached as well as acceptance of the new reality in Iraq and dealing with it in a realistic way,” said Zebari. “We noticed that there is a right movement in this direction. A greater understanding between the security services was achieved from the series of visits made by Iraqi leaders and Syrian officials and as a result of the bilateral efforts and also the neighboring countries’ conferences.”

 The question remains, and we all know the answer, why isn’t this being reported? Here in New Hampshire the war has taken a back seat on the campaign ads. Only Bill Richardson is currently running an ad focused on ending the war. Democrats must now realize that the war is a losing effort for them. They seem to be trying to hide from it, pretending it doesn’t exist.

 To tell you the truth, I don’t know why anybody would vote for a Democrat after watching all the ads that have run in New Hampshire. They are so negative in regards to America, they put down America and then tell us they are the only ones who can make America great again. I am getting tired of listening to them. They promise to bring America back together while conveniently forgetting that they are the ones who tore America apart and turned public opinion against the war.

 Once they realized that Americans didn’t like being told we couldn’t win the war, they changed their argument. They started trying to say Iraq couldn’t govern itself. It’s always can’t, can’t can’t with these people. That way they could focus on ending the war without saying that America couldn’t win. I guess that almost sounds like a good strategy. Unfortunately, the Iraqi’s are not cooperating with them as they are now making political and diplomatic gains.

 Democrats must be cursing their luck.

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  1. January 4, 2008 10:12 pm

    There is so much good going on in Iraq right now that isn’t making the headlines. I have been trying to gather as much of it as I can, but it’s hard to find sometimes. one thing I was reading about today was that the Corps of Engineers and Iraqi construction crews completed a new sewer system in Baghdad, which is a huge accomplishment,,, But there were no headlines.

    And yet we’re told the press isn’t running cover for the dems? Why are they only reporting on things that support Reid’s claims that Iraq is a loss them?

    The truth will hurt them. We just need to get the truth out there and make the American people aware of it.


  2. January 5, 2008 6:11 am

    It really is hard to find the good news anywhere out there, isn’t it? That’s why I find it so important to write about it when I see it. The sceptic would say that it is because so little good is happening over there, but that is bullshit.
    The more it improves over there, the less of a campaign issue it becomes, and because it hurts the Dems the media ignores it. Shouldn’t this be considered mal-practice?


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