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New Mexico Lawmaker Wants to Tax Television and Video Games

January 26, 2008

 You can read in this article about a lawmaker in New Mexico, a Democrat of course, who is proposing an additional excise tax on the purchase of televisions, video games, and video game accessories.

“I have asked our legislative council service to prepare the “Leave No Child Inside” bill and am hopeful that it will be ready for me to introduce on Monday,” educator-turned-lawmaker Gail Chasey told AFP.

“The bill proposes levying a one-percent excise tax on the purchase of TVs, video games and video game equipment and would create the ‘Leave No Child Inside’ fund to receive those revenues,” Michael Casaus of the Sierra Club told AFP.

 The reason for this? To help fight childhood obesity and improve education.

“The goals of the bill are to improve the academic performances of our kids, to promote a more healthy lifestyle and to provide our children with outdoor learning experiences, using our state parks and public lands as classrooms,” he said.

 Now, most people understand, or they used to before the government slowly crept into child raising, that it is the responsibility of the parents to make sure their children are not obese. It is also the parent’s responsibility to ensure their children aren’t watching too much television or playing too many video games. It is also up to the parents to make sure their children get outside and get enough exercise.

 This is yet another example of the government using “do it for the children” as a convenient excuse to raise taxes. The government doesn’t think that parents are doing a good enough job raising their children, and in many cases they are right, so they step in with “initiatives” and programs and taxes and fines and laws to try to tell parents how to raise their children. I am sick and tired of the government basically telling America’s parents that we are to stupid to raise our own children. How did it ever become the government’s job to police parenting to this extent?

 There have even been activist groups who claim that letting a child become obese is child abuse, or neglect. While letting your child become obese is irresponsible and bad parenting, it is not abuse. But once this mindset has become ingrained into the public’s thought process, it will be easier for the government to regulate (tax). All parents, and others who aren’t parents who just happen to be buying a product that has been targeted, like televisions, will have to pay the price for those parents who are irresponsible.

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  2. T.H.Z. permalink
    January 27, 2008 12:35 am

    A Letter of Introduction from T. Herman Zweibel

    By T. Herman Zweibel
    Publisher Emeritus (photo circa 1911)
    The Onion
    January 21, 2008 | Issue 44•03

    The school-educated busy-bodies who manage my media properties inform me that it is almost time to appoint a new President. I almost cannot believe it is time for the suet-brained populace of this flagging Republic to be once again herded into the voting-booths to allegedly choose precisely which bloody-handed butcher will crack their bones and suck the marrow over the next few years. Futility, I say, rank and base futility! Does the grist choose the mill, the rabbit the hawk, the innocent 12-year-old Atlantic City orphan girl the lusty mob of beefy, drunk, vacationing coal-oil sales-men? They do not, and neither do the Citizens choose their Leaders. However, if The Onion news-paper can further the illusion that an individual vote has more potential to change the world than a lamb’s last bubbling bleat in a crowded slaughter-house—and furthermore, if we may turn a hand-some profit by doing so—than let The Onion be the Judas goat to the milling herd of democratic cattle!

    I am told that our new War of the White House section will contain the vetted and censored life stories of each candidate; white-washed and simplified versions of their heinous plans to drain the life and wealth of each and every tax-payer; a schedule denoting the appearances of every aspirant, so that one may go and be covered in unspeakable fulminating lies in person instead of hearing them over the crystal-set. I should God damned well hope that there will also be prettily-colored pictures, or else the average American citizen will not be able to keep his eye on it for more than a few heart-beats, and it would be better yet if there were accompanying photos of ample heaving bosoms. Sadly, the man in the street becomes affronted whenever he feels his supposed dignity is being besmirched. Why is this? The man in the street is, for all his puffery, standing there in the God damned street!

    In any case, there will also be a section on how our Democracy works, despite even the simplest boor suspecting in his secret heart of hearts that it is a sham. Which it is. I have not voted since becoming a wealthy industrialist, having figured out some time ago that it is much wiser to employ the organ grinder than vote for the monkey. Still, I hope this special section is of some amusement to all. I understand that one of the candidates is campaigning in a dress this year, and yet another in a minstrel’s blackface, which I must say was unexpected; but as long as there are no Catholics on the ballot, I see no reason to summon the marksmen.

    Now get back to work!



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