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John McCain Supported Timetables for Withdrawal From Iraq

February 2, 2008

john-mccain.jpg I was surfing through the blogs this morning and I came across this post on Stuck On Stupid that I found rather interesting.

 In Florida John McCain tried foolishly to link words that Mitt Romney spoke to Romney’s support of timetables for withdrawal from Iraq. This was a bold faced lie and he was called out on it in the debate and he was made to look stupid. He was caught in a lie and he knew it, even though he continued to say he was telling the truth. You know the old line, if you repeat a lie enough it becomes truth? Well, John McCain believes in that philosophy, yet another example of how John McCain is the same as Democrats.

 But now we know the truth, and the truth is that John McCain previously supported the idea of a timetable for withdrawal. I give you this excerpt from Stuck On Stupid:

Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., one of the most stalwart supporters of the war in Iraq, said Thursday that he might propose that the Iraqi government meet certain benchmarks for the United States to continue its engagement.

Fellow senators and independent political scientists said McCain’s thinking reflected growing concerns within the Republican Party about the course of the war, and also might mark a turning point for the likely 2008 presidential contender, whose previous unconditional backing of the war may have hurt his prospects.

McCain said Thursday that he hadn’t yet decided on precise benchmarks. “They’d have to be specific, and they (Iraqi government officials) would have to meet them,” he said.
Asked what penalty would be imposed if Iraq failed to meet his benchmarks, he said: “I think everybody knows the consequences. Haven’t met the benchmarks? Obviously, then, we’re not able to complete the mission. Then you have to examine your options.

Even Joe Biden was surprised about McCain’s Statements:

several Senate Democrats who oppose the troop buildup and also may seek the presidency said they were struck by McCain’s comments.

“We Catholics call that an epiphany,” said Senate Foreign Relations Chairman Joseph Biden, D-Del., who is sponsoring the main Democratic resolution opposing the troop buildup.

 So while McCain distorted Romney’s words about supporting timetables, we find out that it was McCain who was actively looking at setting precise timetables for withdrawal from Iraq. This man will do or say anything to become elected, again too much like a Democrat for me.

 John McCain is the candidate who flip-flopped on this issue, not Mitt Romney. Perhaps McCain should try to remember what he has said in the past and not worry about spinning what Mitt Romney has said in the past.

 John McCain was exposed in the last debate as being a liar for his spin on the real reason he opposed the Bush tax cuts, and now we have proof of his flip-flop on Iraq. His one positive issue in my book was Iraq, and now I call that into question as well.

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  1. February 2, 2008 10:57 am

    Ha! I was just going to ask if you saw my post today on McCain but then saw you just commented.

    There’s nothing good about this guy. He’s dishonest, he’s riding on a legacy that isn’t really true… He’s no war hero. He was an below-average military man riding on the coattails of his family’s legacy in the Navy.

    He cheated on his crippled wife and then divorced her for a younger woman.

    What kills me is that we are critical of Clinton for the legislation that she supports, yet the fact of the matter is that she supports legislation that McCain wrote! He’s no friend of freedom, he’s definitely not a conservative and as far as I am concerned he’s no friend of the military (which you point out here).

    I feel no guilt about slamming him, because to hold up your time as POW to cover up everything else you do is pure crap.


  2. February 2, 2008 11:00 am

    He’s no war hero, he’s John Kerry with an “R”


  3. AgentX permalink
    February 2, 2008 12:55 pm

    So let me get this straight; He states that he was for timetimes and benchmarks, and now he’s chastising Romney for it?

    They should change his nickname from Straight Talk Express to Flip Flop Express.


  4. February 2, 2008 6:07 pm

    he’s no war hero???

    …In March 1968, McCain was put into solitary confinement, where he would be for two years. In July 1968, McCain’s father was named Commander-in-Chief, Pacific Command (CINCPAC), stationed in Honolulu and commander of all U.S. forces in the Vietnam theater. McCain was immediately offered a chance to return home early: the North Vietnamese wanted a mercy-showing propaganda coup for the outside world, and a message that only privilege mattered that they could use against the other POWs. McCain turned down the offer of repatriation due to the Code of Conduct of “first in, first out”: he would only accept the offer if every man taken in before him was released as well. McCain’s refusal to be released was even remarked upon by North Vietnamese officials to U.S. envoy Averell Harriman at the ongoing Paris Peace Talks.

    In August 1968, a program of vigorous torture methods began on McCain, using rope bindings into painful positions and beatings every two hours, at the same time as he was suffering from dysentery. Teeth and bones were broken again as was McCain’s spirit; the beginnings of a suicide attempt was stopped by guards. After four days of this, McCain signed an anti-American propaganda “confession” that said he was a “black criminal” and an “air pirate”, although he used stilted Communist jargon and ungrammatical language to signal the statement was forced. He would later write, “I had learned what we all learned over there: Every man has his breaking point. I had reached mine.” His injuries to this day have left him incapable of raising his arms above his head. His captors tried to force him to sign a second statement, and this time he refused. He received two to three beatings per week because of his continued refusal….

    any self respecting person should be ashamed of themselves for saying such garbage. The man served his country and survived extreme torture. He is an American hero


  5. February 3, 2008 2:22 pm

    Why does that make him a war hero? Don’t be delusional. That makes him a POW who survived. The heroes are the people who fight and die for their fellow soldiers. They are the ones who risk all to save another. McCain did nothing of the sort. I won’t deny that the guy has the strength to survive in the face of adversity, but I cannot associate that with being a hero.


  6. Gunnar permalink
    February 4, 2008 11:48 am

    Check out over 40 reasons to vote against McCain.

    War hero? Consider that there are some that claim that he was not tortured. No one witnessed it. Other prisoners with him report that he was gone from the camp for at least a year that he knows about. A CIA agent once told a POW widow that McCain actually spent 2 years in Eastern Europe.

    In his career, he is known to be a huge supporter of the viet cong (leading the cause for normalization of relations), hugged top VC guy who interrogated him, and fighting tooth and nail against POW/MIA investigations, and aligning himself with Kerry, known to also love VC communists, and hate US soldiers.

    It seems to me that there is a lot room to doubt the hero story. And if you think that “ability to beat Hillary” is a reason to nominate him, consider that the Clintons will dig up a whole lot of dirt on the McCain-Manchurian candidate in this regard. He will never win. A vote for McCain is a vote for Hillary.


  7. Gunnar permalink
    February 4, 2008 11:54 am

    (last one had a period in the URL)


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