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New Hampshire Governor Cuts Spending for the Mentally Ill

June 22, 2008

 Because New Hampshire governor John Lynch is so irresponsible and has created a huge budget deficit he is now forced to start spending cuts. He has already raised taxed over $100 million and it still isn’t enough. It is about time that the New Hampshire governor cuts spending. So where do the cuts come from? According to this editorial the cuts are being made to these people; mentally ill, drug addicts, cancer victims, sick children, and university students.

 I am not going to criticize the governor for finally doing what I have been advocating with these spending cuts. They are necessary and overdue. But I am going to take this time to write about the difference in the way this is being portrayed between Lynch and when Governor Benson (Republican) had to make the same types of cuts.

 The editorial says:

Remember when Gov. Craig Benson cut state spending to balance the budget? The Democrats portrayed him as a heartless beast. Every cut was to an “essential” service or program, or would cruelly hurt those who need state services the most, Democrats cried.

 He was vilified by Democrats for hurting the people that need it the most. Now governor Lynch is doing the same. Can you hear the crickets? Nothing from the mouths of the Democrats. It just shows us that party affiliation and political gain are more important to the Democrats than the mentally ill, drug abusers, cancer victims, and THE CHILDREN.

 The editorial goes on to mention that Republicans aren’t even jumping on this issue even though they have been critical of the budget, taxes, and spending. They have called for spending cuts, and now with a few (just a few) in the works they are not going to jump on the issue of where the spending cuts come from. They are just happy they are coming.

  Democrats would have had it both ways if this were a Republican governor. They would complain about where the spending cuts came even if they were calling for spending cuts. (I suppose that is a moot point because Democrats never call for spending cuts).

 Only a Democrat could get away with these cuts and not have a word said about it. Governor Lynch seems to be living a charmed life.

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  1. Alfie permalink
    June 23, 2008 8:51 am

    Not really related but I had to touch base with you. I just heard a Shaheen for Senate radio ad. OMG you are screwed in the Granite State. It was pure MoveOn .


  2. June 23, 2008 11:56 am

    And it looks like she is going to win. She has a big lead in the polls. UGH!


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