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Harry Reid,The New George Wallace?

January 6, 2009

 happy_harry_reidToday George Wallace Harry Reid stood on the steps of the schoolhouse senate and denied a black student senator from entering. Harry Reid not only denied A black senator, but the ONLY black senator, a senator who was legally appointed by his states rules, from entering the senate and taking the seat that is rightfully his.

 Whether or not you think that Blagojevich should have appointed anyone to this seat is actually irrelevant. The fact is that Blagojevich is the governor of Illinois and as governor he not only has the right to appoint a replacement senator to fill a vacancy he has a duty to fill that seat.

  Blagojevich has yet to be indicted and because of this he has the obligation to send a senator to Washington and he did. In my opinion there may never be charges brought against Blagojevich because Patrick Fitzgerald mysteriously moved in before the crime was actually committed. This is the same Fitzgerald who continued to investigate the Valerie Plame leak for a year after he knew who the leaker was. But for some reason he stopped this crime from going down. Probably to protect either Harry Reid, Barack Obama, Rahm Emanuel, or Jesse Jackson Jr.

 So there is no reason in hell that Blagojevich should be stopped from appointing Roland Burris to the senate.

 Harry Reid has no constitutional basis for denying anyone from taking their rightful seat in congress, in fact it is unconstitutional for him to do so. There is also stare decisis on this issue from  the 1969 case, Powell v. McCormack which ruled the senate could refuse to seat a member only if that person failed to meet the minimum qualifications set out in the Constitution, those being age, residence and citizenship. Roland Burris meets all of the qualifications.

 What was Harry Reid’s motivation for prolonging a situation that is very embarrassing to president-elect Obama? 

 Harry Reid is a Mormon.

 What does that have to do with anything? During the primary season much was made about Mitt Romney’s Mormonism. In fact at one point Mitt Romney was being called a racist for belonging to a racist religion. It wasn’t until 1978 that the Mormons allowed black people into their church. Somehow this reflected on Mitt Romney and he had to defend himself from accusations of racism.

 Fast forward to today when Harry Reid vehemently opposed the seating of a black senator to his rightful spot in the senate. Can we not ask that Harry Reid be held to the same standard as Mitt Romney? Harry Reid and Mitt Romney are of the same religion, if Romney belonged to a racist church than doesn’t Harry Reid?

 But we can take it one step further, there is no need to stop here. Harry Reid had multiple conversations with Blagojevich about president-elect Obama’s empty senate seat, he has not denied this. It is fact. Harry Reid also provided a list of three unacceptable candidates who he would not welcome to the senate. (Again this is unconstitutional, Harry Reid has no fucking business telling a state or it’s residents who they can send to the senate.)

 Let’s take a look at the three candidate who Harry Reid found unacceptable, here are their pictures:


Do you notice anything that these candidates have in common with Roland Burris?

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3 Comments leave one →
  1. Cpl. Booth permalink
    January 7, 2009 10:49 am

    Mr. PinkEyes,
    While I agree with the overall point of this post, why the hell does it have to have anything, anything at all, to do with Burris being black?
    I actually applaud, and am amazed, that the Dems stood by their vow to oppose any appointee made by Blago. Not that I agree that they have any standing in doing so, I just figured that they would back peddle all over each other as soon as it was a black man appointed. But they will find a way out without looking like they backed off over race.
    I am sick to death of people bending over their own asses to appease the black man. I am not a racist, in fact, to give special consideration to a man because he is black, is racism. I base my opinions on my personal experience of and interactions with each individual. If I don’t happen to like a black man, then its not because of his color but rather because of his behavior.
    And this is relevant in this case as so many people have asserted that the Dems in congress should recant their vow to oppose THIS appointee by Blago BECAUSE HE IS BLACK. It should not be about his being black, it should be about the fact that they are wrong. Or rather they are going about it the wrong way. If congress is of the firm opinion that anyone appointed by Blago is suspect and would undermine the integrity of congress, and I believe that it would, then there is a proper channel by which to address the issue. Seat the man and then vote him out, as you have pointed out they have the power and right to do.
    Come on, we already elected a man to the highest position in the country who is underqualified, inexperienced and out of touch simply because he is black. And don’t try to tell me that it wasn’t about race, record numbers of blacks and hispanics turned out to vote just to vote for a non-white man. People that have never cared enough about this country to get out and vote before turned out in record numbers for the honor of voting for a black man, nervermind his lack of qualifications. That’s racism. And so is bringing up Burris’ race in this fiasco. Not saying that you are a racist, clearly you are not, just don’t see why you felt the need to bring it up. A bit out of character, from what I can tell from my limited experience of your character.


  2. Cpl. Booth permalink
    January 7, 2009 10:55 am

    Yea OK, so I went off before truely reading the whole post. I have re-read it, a little calmer, and I may have missed your point.
    Please excuse the vent. I still mean what I said, just not the right place to say it. I’ll look around at your past posts and see if I can find a fit.


  3. January 7, 2009 8:59 pm

    Cpl. Booth, I am glad that you re-read this post. I agree with everything that you said in your rant.
    I have also grown tired of people playing the race card all of the time. I opppose Obama for his policies not his color. I get sick and tired of Democrats accusing Republicans of racism and as someone who has been called a racist a few times here for opposing Barack Obama I couldn’t help myself from taking the chance to throw it back at them for once.
    I don’t think that this had anything to do with race, but when I thought about the way Romney was treated for his Mormonism and contrasted that to Reid’s treatment in the press I decided to take this opportunity to contrast the way Democrats and Republicans are portrayed.
    That was the purpose of this post. That and just a chance to show the Democrats how it feels to be wrongly accused of racism.


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