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President Obama’s White House is Filled With Lobbyists

January 29, 2009

 I thought that President Obama promised not to hire any lobbyists to work in his administration? Didn’t he even sign an executive order banning lobbyists from his White House?  Something must have happened because as can be read in this article President Obama has waived his no lobbyist rule several times.

 I didn’t really expect President Obama to actually do what he claimed he was going to do on the issue of lobbyists, but the man’s arrogance is astounding. President Obama really believes that he can tell the American people one thing at the same time that he is doing another and that he should not be questioned about it.

 He probably has good reason to be arrogant about it, he knows that nobody is going to question him about it and in the slim chance that they do he knows that the vast majority of the American people aren’t paying attention any more.

 It was just a campaign promise, right? Well normally I would answer yes, it was just a campaign promise. But it goes deeper that just a campaign promise when we talk about President Obama. It goes deeper because this just wasn’t a campaign promise, it was his whole campaign. Not lobbyists alone but the whole notion of change.

 Barack Obama as a candidate promised to bring change to Washington, while speaking in generalities  his whole campaign was about his being a different type of politician. His campaign was about how he would reform Washington, how he wouldn’t go to Washington and let it change him.

 But in his first week in office he seems to have fallen into Washington politics as usual. There is no change here. And coming from someone who built his whole campaign around change it has to be disheartening to any one who was foolish enough to believe him.

 If they are still paying attention, after all the new season of American Idol has started. You gotta have priorities after all.

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  1. whiteamericanpatriot permalink
    January 30, 2009 11:08 am

    I hate to defend Obama, really I do, but I can’t help but believe that he is finding out that the President is not really in charge. Sure, he has a lot of power, but I believe that those truly in Power have made it clear to him that in many instances he will do what he is told. This lobbyist issue is a great example. Obama has said, and signed an executive order to the effect, that there will be no lobbyists in HIS white house and yet he has had to waive this rule repeatedly. I think someone told Obama “Yea, that’s nice but you WILL appoint this person.”
    Not that I believe that the man has any scrupples or do I expect him to be bound by his word. He is a Liberal Socialist Dymocrite (sic)


  2. Deb permalink
    January 31, 2009 4:25 pm

    I just wonder if he really did think that his word was the final one in all decisions. I don’t know which is worse, naive, or narcissistic.


  3. February 1, 2009 7:32 am

    How about a naive narcissist?



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