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More Stealth Taxes in New Hampshire Liquor Bill

March 8, 2009

  There is a bill that will be debated in the New Hampshire house that if passed will begin the privatization of liquor sales in New Hampshire. For those of you who are not from this area, in New Hampshire you can currently buy beer and wine in any store but all other booze must be purchased in a state liquor store.

  I have always found it odd that in the “live free or die” state the state runs the liquor stores. But that will change if this bill ends up becoming law. We will be able to purchase booze in any store that is granted a licence. This is normally the type of legislation that I would support, as a man who wants the government out of my life as much as possible. This would normally be a step in the right direction. 

  But there a part of this bill that I just can’t support and that part is the stealth taxes that have been slipped into this bill. The bill that is supposed to be modernizing liquor sales also includes the following tax increases:

  •  30-cent tobacco tax increase
  • $10 increase in motor vehicle registration fees
  • a gambling tax
  • higher meals tax
  •  higher license fee for hospital and nursing home beds. It goes to $52 a bed, from the current $2.50 a bed.

   Here we have the Democrats in control of New Hampshire sticking it to us once again in the form of new taxes. These taxes are hidden in a bill that is supposed to be about liquor sales.

  Our governor, teflon John, is at it again with the tax increases but now his Democrat party is getting sneaky with their tax increases. They are no longer up front about the way they are going to screw us, at least they told us they were going to screw us in the last budget. This year they just slipped us a roofie and are trying to screw us after we fall asleep.

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  1. Deb permalink
    March 11, 2009 5:51 pm

    30 cents? A carton of cigarettes went up $8 on Monday. that’s more than 30 cents. NH and MA seems to be melting into one disgusting, tax-ridden blob.


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