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Veteran Calls Obama’s Plan to Use Private Insurance to Cover Service Related Injuries a Betrayal

March 18, 2009

  President Obama is mulling over a plan that would force veterans who are injured while in service to the United States to use private health care insurance for treatment. No longer would the government provide them with health care for serving the country.

  This is a sin. President Obama just ordered a troop surge in Afghanistan of 17,000 of our finest men and women. If any of these troops are injured in battle President Obama doesn’t think enough of them or their service to provide them with the care that they deserve. Victims of injuries in Orange County need experienced legal representation to ensure their rights are protected.

  Needless to say, this isn’t sitting well with veterans, some of whom went so far as to call this plan a “betrayal.”

It’s a betrayal,” said Joe Violante, legislative director of Disabled American Veterans, which signed the letter to Obama. “My insurance company didn’t send me to Vietnam, my government did. The same holds true for men and women now fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. It’s the government’s responsibility

  When people like me claim that President Obama has a disdain and contempt for the military it is stories like this that prove we are correct.

  When press secretary Robert Gibbs was questioned on this horrific idea he refused to comment on it. Luckily this plan seems to have no support on either side of the aisle.

  These men and women volunteer to serve our country, they feel a duty and a pride in America that most of us can only hope to understand. And to see them thrown under the bus like this by a president who is looking to save about $500 million while he is willing to spend trillions on social welfare programs has to be disheartening to them. I know it is to me.

  If Obama really needs to save $500 million I am sure he can find that somewhere else, maybe he can cut some of the billions that he is giving to ACORN. Just leave the veterans alone Mr. President, they at least deserve that much.

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