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GITMO will not close during Barack Obama’s first term, where is the outcry?

June 27, 2010

  It looks as if Barack Obama is going to fail on one of his highest priority campaign promises to the far left– GITMO  is most likely going to remain open because Barack Obama no longer considers the closing of GITMO to be a high priority. Funny how priorities change once a person actually has to govern, isn’t it?

  During the campaign Barack Obama claimed that it was imperative for the United States to close GITMO because it was being used as a tool by al Qaeda for recruiting purposes, because of this– Barack Obama claimed– leaving GITMO open was a national security risk.

   One of Barack Obama’s first actions as president was signing an executive order that would close GITMO by January of this year. Needless to say, this symbolic action was never followed up on and GITMO remains open to this day and will remain so for the foreseeable future. Closing GITMO is no longer a high priority for this president and it seems very likely that GITMO will not close during Barack Obama’s first term.

  If Barack Obama’s claim was true about GITMO, and it was truly the recruiting tool for al Qaeda, and national security risk that he claimed it was when he was on the campaign trail, he would be performing a dereliction of duty by allowing it to stay open. But the truth is that GITMO is not the recruiting tool Barack Obama claimed it was, and it is not the national security risk that he claimed it was, he overstated the “GITMO problem” for political reasons to gain favor with the far left.

  But he wasn’t the only one to do so; the issue of closing GITMO was a mission that the left was on during the Bush administration; at one point Dick Durbin took the floor of the senate and compared our heroes serving at GITMO to the soviet Gulags, Nazis, and Pol Pot. He did this– as did many on the left– for the despicable reason of turning the American people against a president who was trying to execute a war.

  Many of us realized Barack Obama’s executive order closing GITMO was nothing more than a public relations move designed to placate the left because there was no PLAN involved in the executive order. There was no implementation plan in the order– just the order itself.

    Considering the high profile this issue was given during the election, the media should be up in arms about this news, yet they remain silent; ignoring this campaign promise reversal in much the same manner they ignore the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. There is no longer a daily body count on national television; there is nary any coverage on the war now that Barack Obama is president. Contrast that with the coverage the wars received when George Bush was president and the difference is striking.

  There are also no politicians comparing the United States military to Pol Pot and soviet Gulags, there is not the same level of outcry from leftist politicians now that Barack Obama is president. Contrast the differing levels of outrage from leftist politicians then and now and the difference is striking.

  Much the same can be said for the far left war protesters– or lack thereof–  since Barack Obama became president. The question is; will the far left bother to protest the news that GITMO will remain open, or will they accept it as necessary now that Barack Obama is president, just as their inaction in protesting the wars as of late makes it appears as though they suddenly support the war efforts?

  Barack Obama, Dick Durbin, Jack Murtha, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, and many more Democrats were playing political games with the United States military in general, and with GITMO in particular, and the fact that Barack Obama has put closing GITMO on the back burner is all the proof we need that GITMO was only being used for poltical gain by the left.

  Today we have learned that GITMO will remain open and that Barack Obama does not think that the issue of closing GITMO is a top priority, so today I pose a question to all of you who honestly believed that GITMO needed to be shut down and those of you who thought that Barack Obama was just the man to do it; where it the outcry?

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  1. Earle Andrews permalink
    June 27, 2010 10:49 pm

    Outcry you say. Must be a slight oversight.


  2. June 28, 2010 2:14 pm

    I personally am not surprised at this. It is common for politicians to make campaign promises that are not kept in the long run. What is your opinion on Barack Obama’s executive order to remove barriers on scientific research involving human stem cells? We’re covering this subject on our blog. would be interesting to hear your comments.



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