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The whole truth behind Hilary Rosen’s comment about Ann Romney

April 15, 2012

  On Wednesday, April 11th, Democrat strategist Hilary Rosen made her now infamous remark that Ann Romney never worked a day in her life because she decided to be a stay at home mom for her five children. This naturally drew a firestorm from stay at home moms all across the nation who know how much work  goes into taking care of their children, and Democrats–including Barack Obama–have distanced themselves from this remark amid the firestorm.

   But there is an aspect to this story which I feel hasn’t received the attention it should have; while Barack Obama may be distancing himself from the remark now, this was an intentional and coordinated effort by the Obama regime, not simply a gaffe by a member of the Democrat party. Matt over at Conservative Hideout had a post about how Hilary Rosen was most likely a surrogate of the Obama regime who was charged with spreading the president’s us against them class warfare rhetoric while providing cover for Obama and allowing him to distance himself from the remarks he actually approved of beforehand, but I think it goes a little bit deeper still. This was more than just an attempt to smear the Romney’s as being out of touch because this was part of a larger effort. It is this larger effort that I feel hasn’t received the attention is deserves.

 How have I come to the conclusion that there is a larger effort at work here? It’s simple, it is all in the timing:

    The previous Friday, April 6th, Barack Obama spoke in front of “The White House  Forum on Women and the Economy” and during this speech he made the statement that he and Michelle “didn’t have the luxury for her not to work.” This was clearly an attempt by Barack Obama to paint himself and his bride as an ordinary couple who understand what normal Americans are going through as they attempt to make ends meet. He is one of us, that is the message he was trying to send. It is not a coincidence that Hilary Rosen made her comment less than one week later for this was phase two of a double pronged strategy.

  Phase one of the operation was to make the Obama’s seem like down to earth people who understand what the 99% are going through, and it was followed less than a week later with phase two; paint the Romney’s as being out of touch with ordinary Americans because Ann Romney had a “luxury” that Michelle Obama did not.

  Barack Obama’s comment was followed so quickly by Hilary Rosen’s comment that it is to hard to believe that this was not  a planned attack all along to further divide Americans among classes–Barack Obama is one of us while Mitt Romney is one of them. Democrats can distance themselves from this comment all they want but in the end they got what they wanted and they didn’t have to take the hit for it because Hilary Rosen took it for them.

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  1. April 15, 2012 10:12 pm

    I have a somewhat different view on this. No what Hilary said was not a gaffe, but what she and many on the left honestly believe (including the president). Many of the so-called progressives see stay-at-home moms as victims of their knuckle-dragging neanderthal spouses. And they simply cannot see why some women would rather stay home with the kids and keep house. That just doesn’t fit into their mold of what a woman should be. When BHO saw the firestorm created by Hilary’s comment he must have recoiled in horror and without hesitation tossed her under the bus as he has so many in the past. They were on the same page alright, but he quickly saw it wasn’t the page that most americans were on. He is a slippery fish and we’re gonna have to net him.


    • April 15, 2012 11:38 pm



    • April 16, 2012 5:39 am

      That is an interesting theory that I hadn’t thought about Ron. You could be onto something.


  2. April 15, 2012 10:49 pm

    I think tour analysis is spot on, Steve. Obama had second thoughts about his “We didn’t have the luxury…” comment and Hilary Rosen was asked/told to take one for the team.


    • April 16, 2012 5:40 am

      Yep, she went out there and did Obama’s dirty work.


  3. Anonymous permalink
    April 16, 2012 12:15 am

    You may be right on the mark. These cretins are masters of smoke and mirrors – deceivers of thr worsr kind – masters of obfuscation and misdirection, etc, etc, etc….


    • April 16, 2012 5:41 am

      There always seems to be some angle behind everything they do and say. It seems that most of the time it is designed to take our focus off of Obama’s record.


    • lou222 permalink
      April 16, 2012 7:25 am

      What happened to your name, William?


      • April 16, 2012 7:10 pm

        I think that is partially my fault. WordPress recently changed their commenting policy so that anyone who ever had a WP account or a gravatar account had to log in before they commented. Some people were having problems commenting here so I decided to allow people to comment without an email address. This allows people to comment as anonymous and people whose information is normally saved before they post might end up posting as anonymous if they do not notice their information hasn’t been saved.


  4. April 16, 2012 2:27 am

    Don’t forget that Rosen’s PR firm represents Sandra Fluke.


    • April 16, 2012 5:44 am

      And now the story comes full circle, doesn’t it?


  5. lou222 permalink
    April 16, 2012 7:22 am

    This may not be taken well by some people, but here goes. I am from the last generation where “Moms” were stay at home Moms, that was their JOB! I never remember Mom being looked down on for being that lowly “housewife”. What she did was damn hard work, she did not have all the luxuries we now have in appliances. Dads went to work and Mom’s took care of the kids and kept the house running. We played outside most of the day, if not in school, had chores and dinner was promptly at 5pm from the stove, not from a drive thru. My parents lived within their budget and it did not require Mom to get a job. We do not FEEL that anything is owed to us or that we are special. There are circumstances where Mom’s have to work, but to now look down on the ones that choose to stay home is just plain wrong. All this amounted to was to take the heat off of Obama and place it somewhere else. This administration is good at doing that. I hope more people speak up and say how wrong this was. We do what we have to do in life to survive, we don’t need anyone to be critical of us, having no knowledge of our situations. They need to keep their noses out of OUR business. The less we pay attention to them the better off we will be.


    • April 16, 2012 7:12 pm

      I don’t think you said anything controversial Lou, but the feminists out there might take exception because that movement seems to belittle moms who decide to stay at home because they feel it is demeaning for a woman to want to stay at home and give up a potential carreer.


  6. bunkerville permalink
    April 16, 2012 9:06 am

    As I commeted at over at Matt’s, they were hoping for a trifecta that apparently has not developed yet, but still in the making. They were trying to blame it on conservative anti-gay bashing as she is a lesbian– the story of course includes a picture of the couple. Stir the pot as best they can. Just wait, we will step into it. We were winning the Catholic position on birth control under the Obamacare mandate, and gave it away. I suspect this as well. P.S. then he drops on Friday an Executive order to control Nat Gas drilling. Yepper, he is on a mission.


    • April 16, 2012 7:16 pm

      I think you are right Bunker, the left actually tried to portray Rosen as the victim because she is a lesbian when in fact she is the one who went on the offensive. This tactic failed this time but we can expect more of this in the future as the Obama regime continues to try and divide the American people.


  7. April 16, 2012 4:05 pm

    Yeah, this was an attempt to paint the Romney’s as out of touch. I bet you are right about that. But in order for the “staying at home” bit also be part of being out of touch, Obama has to claim that they “didn’t have the luxury,” which, wow. Such total baloney. LOL.

    Also I bet that Obama thought Rosen would put it more slickly, but she accidentally sounded like Archie Bunker instead, so yeah, he had to throw her under the bus. LOL they are trying but so far missing their target, as far as political strategy goes.



    • April 16, 2012 7:20 pm

      The Obama’s have had every opportunity handed to them and for him to claim they are not in luxury is laughable. BUt that is what they tired to portray; they wanted to appear to be ordinary people and show at the same time that the Romney’s weren’t and it backfired on them.


  8. April 16, 2012 10:35 pm

    What a gaffe it turned out to be though. I’ve said before to just let them keep talking.


    • April 17, 2012 6:05 am

      I agree, let them keep talking. The more they open their mouths the deeper they dig the hole.


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