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The Middle East burns as Nero fiddles

September 11, 2012

   Normally I do not post on September 11th but today has been an eventful day in the Middle East and while Barack Obama seems content to ignore these stories, I would be remiss to do the same so here goes:

 We are all familiar with the story of Nero who supposedly fiddled while Rome burned, well it looks like Barack Obama is fiddling as the Middle East burns.

 When the freedom fighters in Iran stood up in 2009 and begged Barack Obama to do something to help them he did nothing, he fiddled. Shortly thereafter began the Arab Spring which was touted by the mainstream media and the Obama regime as a wonderful event which all started because of Barack Obama’s Cairo speech. These revolutions had the blessing of the Obama regime as he silently pushed for the ouster of foreign leaders.

 This was the speech, we were told, that started a glorious revolution which would lead to a free democracy in several Middle Eastern countries and was proof that Barack Obama’s bowing to foreign leaders and apologizing for America’s past sins was better than President Bush’s heavy handed, no compromise policy. However, what the media saw as Barack Obama’s greatest foreign policy strength the Middle East saw as weakness and it wasn’t long before the Middle East began to take advantage of Barack Obama.

   It is now two years later and the Middle East appears to be in more turmoil than ever: The Muslim Brotherhood has gained a toehold in the governments of these countries and people who have called for the destruction of Israel and of the pyramids are now in positions of leadership.

  Just today protesters in Cairo stormed the US embassy, tore down and burned the United States flag, and attempted to raise a black flag bearing the words, “there is no God but God, and Mohammad is his messenger.” Apparently these protesters are upset about a movie being made in America and want the movie banned. So far there has been no response to speak of from Barack Obama–he is fiddling, although the US embassy has actually apologized for “hurting the religious feelings of Muslims.” No word yet on whether of not the protesters have accepted the apology, it doesn’t appear so.

  As if this weren’t bad enough we have recently heard the news that Libyan Islamists have stormed the US embassy in that country and set it on fire. Barack Obama’s response? Nothing yet, again he fiddles.

  While the media and the Obama regime championed the Arab Spring two years ago many of us feared something like this would be the end result so this isn’t surprising in the least. And perhaps Barack Obama wouldn’t have supported the Arab Spring if he had been attending his daily intelligence meetings, but we now know that Barack Obama has missed more than half of them during his time in office. Apparently he has more important matters to attend to like golfing, campaigning, granting illegal aliens amnesty, selling guns to Mexican drug lords, and handing out money to failed green energy companies with direct ties to Democrats to concern himself with the goings on of “tiny little countries” in the Middle East. Barack Obama fiddles.

  The one country with the most to lose in all of this–plus Iran’s push at gaining a nuclear weapon–is Israel, of course, and today a concerned Benjamin Netanyahu requested a meeting with Barack Obama. Barack Obama denied Netanyahu’s request because his schedule is already full. He simply doesn’t have the time to worry about the Middle East at this time because he already has too much on his plate as I mentioned above. And besides he will have more flexibility after the election as he already told Russia. Until then Barack Obama will continue to fiddle.

  The media doesn’t see fit to tie these recent events to the Arab Spring but clearly this is the result of Barack Obama’s failed Middle East policy and his support of the Arab Spring.

  Update: At least one American is dead in the Libya attack, still no word from Barack Obama as he continues to fiddle.

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  1. September 11, 2012 8:21 pm

    The saddest commentary of all is on the American public which appears to have its collective head either in the ground or up it’s asshole. Our only recourse is to unseat this worthless commie bastard is via the ballot box. But, as it were, That appears to be an uncertainty at best. What does appear to be certain is that in spite of the Al quada type flag now flying over the U.S. embassy in Cairo along with his other international diplomatic failures, his latest snubbing of Netanyahu, the deaths of. 22 Navy Seals, et al, this Islamic pimp of a president will suffer no slings and arrows from a majority of Amrican voters.
    It was most refreshing to hear tonight Bill O’Reilly giving credit to Obama for defeating Al Qada; refreshing because it confirms my conviction that he sucks his own tiny penis.
    The state of affairs glossed ovet by the media and a majority of the public’s seemind disintrrst is almost enough for a true conservative to bite one’s own nose to spite one’s face so those stupid enough to vote for this traitor can suffer
    at the hands of their own stupidity and ignorance.


    • September 12, 2012 6:05 am

      The MSM is not ever going to tie this to the Arab Spring Obama once touted and many Americans aren’t going to tie it together either. Obama will get a free pass, but on a side note; wasn’t Obama going to heal the planet with his election?


  2. donchute permalink
    September 12, 2012 12:58 pm

    He diddled with his fiddle and said basically…”We will work tirelessly with the Libyans to bring those involved in the deaths to justice.” What a limp d**K!…How about instead…”The United States sees this as an act of war, and our armed forces will kill all those involved as well as all those who harbor these murderer’s!”



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