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The sequester will not affect Michelle Obama’s birthday bash

March 10, 2013

 Barack Obama promised immediate painful results due to the sequester as different agencies have to decide how to deal with a decrease in the increase of future spending.

  He said children would go hungry and wouldn’t he able to get immunizations, he claimed teachers would be laid off, national security would suffer, illegal aliens would be let go, firefighters and policemen would lose their jobs, and the list went on and on…..

  We are now learning about one scheduled event which will go on as planned and will not be sacrificed as a result of the sequester–Michelle Obama’s 50th birthday bash, complete with performances by Adele and Beyonce.

  It may be true that Adele and Beyonce will not be charging for their performances  but wouldn’t you like to know how much the dinners, staff, and security are going to cost for this event?

  When (ahem) “spending cuts” are ordered everyone has to prioritize where the existing money is going to be spent so as to cause the least amount of pain and here we have a perfect example of where the president and the First Lady’s priorities truly lie. While we are being asked to sacrifice for the greater good life goes on as planned for the ruling class elites.

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  1. March 10, 2013 3:42 pm

    The king will party. The poor will get poorer. Us in the USA must be blind or dumb as rocks. I do not understand the leaders in Washington?


    • March 10, 2013 6:29 pm

      I think we have just been blind, but I am hoping we now see.


      • March 10, 2013 6:48 pm

        Me too. Last election I was disappointed. Kept most of the house and senate. I didn’t understand. Men who can’t balance a budget need to be fired.


      • March 10, 2013 7:13 pm

        At this point there are very few I would like to see hang around after 2014.


  2. Petermc3 permalink
    March 10, 2013 4:49 pm

    Would you want to be the one to tell rhino hips her birfday bash is cancelled… I don’t think so.


    • March 10, 2013 6:29 pm

      Good point!


  3. March 10, 2013 4:53 pm

    And once again he stuffs it in the American people’s face! How long does this man and his mate get to drive nails into the coffin of the ” Great United States”? We as a people must make noise call e-mail scream that something is done to stop the tearing apart of this great nation..


    • March 10, 2013 6:29 pm

      We still have four more years of this!


      • Wendy permalink
        March 11, 2013 10:52 am

        No way Steve! The Dems are already turning against him, as is The Washington Post. Hopefully, the next Great American Revolution will take him down. I’m a Tea Party Patriot and we are all charged up to do “just that.”


      • March 11, 2013 8:13 pm

        Dems are starting to distance themselves from Obama before the 2014 election and even some of the media is turning against him, this is a good sign but it is only the beginning. We need to keep up the pressure all the way to 2014 and beyond.


  4. March 10, 2013 5:29 pm

    No surprise here. His plan is to cause us pain; not himself.


    • March 10, 2013 6:30 pm

      Yep, and we have seen the email where he told agencies to make it as painful as possible, it is all part of his plan.


  5. Sheila Simmons permalink
    March 10, 2013 9:24 pm

    Van Jones:Bottom Up, Top down, Inside Out. Common communist tactic. Make the people so miserable they cry out for whatever releif you will give them.


    • March 11, 2013 5:59 am



  6. LD Jackson permalink
    March 11, 2013 5:47 am

    This isn’t the first time the Obama’s have shoved it in our faces. It is unspeakable how much money, ie. taxpayer dollars, they have wasted, but they want us to cut back. And what’s more, their attitude about these things stinks.


    • March 11, 2013 6:01 am

      It was reported on Boston radio last week that Obama was planning his August vacation in Martha’s Vineyard, it looks like they just don’t care what it looks like to do this.


  7. bunkerville permalink
    March 11, 2013 7:23 am

    The arrogance continues. Maybe it is good. The masses might just catch on! Let them eat cake didn’t work out so well.


    • March 11, 2013 8:15 pm

      It seems as if Obama has overplayed this hand and his gun control hand and I think people may be starting to wake up. Of course, I said that before the 2012 election and it didn’t work out so well, so what do I know?


  8. March 11, 2013 11:05 pm

    We need a magician to do a “disappearing” act for Michelle Bday present! She always wanted something ‘out of this world’! Let her have wish! Make them all disappear! Oh Happy DAY!


    • March 12, 2013 5:44 am

      Now that would be a present we could all enjoy!


  9. lou222 permalink
    March 12, 2013 7:51 am

    There may be those that do not agree with me, but I have something to say. Bear with me, I still have my computer that is inserting and leaving out letters! I am going to compare this sequestration to our car insurance policies. We have a section that has uninsured and underinsured and we have to pay a premium on that, correct? Aren’t all people supposed to have insurance and shouldn’t there be a set amount that is necessary that we should not have to cover for those that will not purchase that amount or not purchase insurance at all? Well, we have a bunch of citizens that are uninformed and underinformed and it seems we are having to pay the price for them, as well. You see, IF they were paying more attention and not just buying into the scare tactics they would see that this is not something horrible, this sequestration. It is not a CUT and that is the problem…it is a “decrease” on the projected “increase” for the next fiscal year, NOT this year. We have or should have allowed for this year already. That this administration tries to tell people that they have to cut NOW, is a lie. Didn’t we just have a Bush tax cut just expire and wasn’t it 2%? Are we all that concerned about it, other than maybe we wish it was still there? We, as citizens are expected to adjust our way of living by decreasing our spending to cover for tha 2%. Isn’t that all we are asking our Government to do? Decrease their spending to make adjustments and you would think we are asking something unattainable. Well, maybe it is, because they do not like being told what to do. They think the answer is to raise more “revenue” and to cut spending where it will punish us the most, if they have to cut anything. Who the hell do they think they are? I am tired of listening to bullies and tyrants that will spend like there is no tomorrow. Unfortunately there is, or at least I hope there is, if we can get the budget under control. I do not know if anyone else agrees with me, but this is my opinion on the matter.


    • March 12, 2013 6:49 pm

      I think you are right, there are too many people who do not pay close attention and all they hear are Obama’s doomsday prophesy and they buy into it. How many people realize that there are no real cuts here? Not many I would say. All of these agencies will still have more money than they had last year but you wouldn’t know it by listening to the rhetoric.


  10. Mike permalink
    March 18, 2013 4:13 pm

    Who is paying for the party?


    • March 18, 2013 7:52 pm

      His and Her Majesty are paying for the entertainment, by the taxpayers will be on the hook for all cost associated with it.



  1. Sequester? Government to spend $1.5 million to decrease human-elephant conflict in Africa | America's Watchtower

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