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Illinois legislature overrides veto and will allow concealed carry

July 9, 2013

 Chalk one up for the good guys and criminals beware in Illinois! Today the State legislature overrode Governor Pat Quinn’s veto and in six months law abiding citizens who pass a background check and complete a 16 hour gun safety course will be allowed to carry concealed weapons.

  This was all brought on by a federal court ruling which declared Illinois gun laws unconstitutional and the state faced a 12:00 tomorrow deadline to pass legislation if they wanted to have any control over the gun laws. Governor Quinn vetoed the bill because he wanted more restrictions on where guns could be carried but with the legislature unable to agree on these restrictions they overrode the veto to ensure there was a law in place prior to the deadline.

  Now that there is a law in place and the deadline is not an issue to the gun grabbers anymore, and with six months to go before the new law is in place, this will provide second amendment opponents in Illinois ample time to amend the law before it goes into effect. So, in effect, this amounts to a six month reprieve.

  While this is a victory for second amendment proponents we will have to wait and see how complete the victory really is because we do not know at this time what type of restrictions could be passed by the time the law takes effect.

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