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Obamacare: On the same day Kathleen Sebelius admits some people will pay more for healthcare Marco Rubio accepts a $10,000 healthcare subsidy

December 17, 2013

  Earlier today Kathleen Sebelius admitted what many people have already found out the hard way; Obamacare is going to cause some people to pay more for insurance rather than seeing their premiums drop by $2,500 as promised.

Said Sebelius, “There are some individuals who may be looking at increases. I think you cannot make a statement based on cost unless you compare what they had to what they’re going into.”

  Notice how she defended this in the same sentence? Yeah, you may be paying more but you are getting better coverage. That is what she was saying. So if you are an older woman you get maternity and pediatric care which you do not need and you are supposed to be thankful because your more expensive insurance plan now covers those services? And this is but one example of people who will be paying for coverage they do not need in order to subsidize the insurance coverage of others, what a bargain!

  It is really not that big of a story that Sebelius came clean on this for she is merely admitting a reality that many people already know, this next story is a bigger deal in my opinion.

    While some people are going to pay more for insurance coverage they may not need do you care to take a guess at who some of the people are who will be receiving subsidies in order to bring down the cost of their coverage?

  Federal workers, that’s who. On the same day that Kathleen Sebelius admitted the truth we also learned that Marco Rubio, who as a Senator makes roughly $150,000 a year, has accepted an Obamacare subsidy of $10,000. How can he possibly justify this? Here is how:

“It’s an employer contribution,” Rubio was quoted as saying on Monday. “It’s available to every employee of the federal government.”

 So basically it is an employer contribution so he is entitled to it. Let’s get this straight: The lawmakers write the laws and provide themselves with benefits which are not available to the American people so they are basically entitled to the benefits which they have voted themselves and we are not supposed to question them?

  Meanwhile the people who pay these people have no say in the negotiations even though we are the employers–or has Marco Rubio forgotten for whom he works? It turns out we will be forced to pay more to subsidize the healthcare of those we sent to Washington in the first place. Is there any doubt that there are two classes in America–the ruling class elite and the plebeians?

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  1. Petermc3 permalink
    December 17, 2013 8:30 pm

    Free haircuts, meals, gymnasium, franking privileges, overseas junkets, airplane rides and now healthcare. Capitol Hill, the world’s biggest brothel.


  2. December 17, 2013 8:54 pm

    So, if we elect more conservatives, like Rubio, we can count on the members of the House annd the Senate to repeal Obamacare, right? We are so screwed!


  3. December 18, 2013 3:58 am

    Democrats wrote Obamacare. Passed it without a single Republican vote… but if Rubio accepts the full coverage Congress has ALWAYS had… somehow this nightmare is his fault too. That is bullshit. And Sebelius is STILL lying her @ss off. Pareto’s Law applies. The 80% who use 20% of the healthcare will now split costs with the 20% who use 80% of it PLUS all the non payers. So it’s not some, not ‘a few’, not just the ‘not insured through work’… 80% of EVERYONE who now has ‘non-government’ healthcare will see their costs DOUBLE. So F*ck Obama & the rest of those moronic Democrat Socialists.


    • December 18, 2013 8:36 pm

      I am not saying this is Rubio’s fault, but if he were truly opposed to Obamacare he would have not accepted the subsidy out of principle.



  1. Harry Reid accepts taxpayer subsidy to enroll in Obamacare | America's Watchtower

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