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CBS edits Ted Cruz interview to remove his comments on Dinesh D’Souza’s indictment and Barack Obama’s abuse of power

January 27, 2014

 ministry_of_propagandaI have written several times in the past about the Republicans’ ineptitude when it comes to getting their message out but the role the mainstream media plays in this should not be overlooked. Even when they try to get the word out there they are facing an uphill battle.

  For instance, take the interview Ted Cruz recently did with CBS’s program ‘Face the Nation’ as a case in point. When Ted Cruz was on the show all that Bob Schieffer seemed interested in talking about was Ted Cruz’s role in the government shutdown, while Ted Cruz wanted to talk about Barack Obama’s abuse of power.

  Here is part of what Ted Cruz had to say during that interview:

Let me tell you something that is deeply concerning—the abuse of power from this Administration. We’ve seen multiple filmmakers prosecuted and the government’s gone after them. Whether it’s the poor fellow that did the film that the President blamed Benghazi and the terrorist attacks on, turns out that wasn’t the reason for the attack but the Administration went and put that poor fellow in jail on unrelated charges. Just this week it was broken that Dinesh D’Souza, who did a very big movie criticizing the president, is now being prosecuted by this Administration.”

Can you image the reaction if the Bush Administration had went, gone and prosecuted Michael Moore and Alec Baldwin and Sean Penn?”

It should trouble everyone the government uses government power and the IRS in particular to target their enemies and you are talking a new minutes to Chuck Schumer

  At this point Ted Cruz was cut off by Bob Schieffer who said, “we are going to leave this for another day, Senator. Thank you for joining us and we’ll talk to you again.”

  At this point the interview was over, but the American people never saw any of this because CBS left this whole portion of the interview on the cutting room floor and we all know why, it didn’t fit the agenda the mainstream media is pushing. They are going to leave that subject for another day? I guess that will be the same day that hell freezes over, unless of course global warming stops that from happening.

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  1. January 27, 2014 8:29 pm

    I think it’s time Republicans, in general, and conservative Republicans, specifically, should stop giving interviews to the MSM, PERIOD!


    • January 27, 2014 8:31 pm

      I hear you there, this is an effort in futility, but where else are they to turn? This is so damned frustrating!


  2. January 28, 2014 2:21 am

    You aren’t supposed to be smart enough to comprehend complicated technical processes like editing.


    • January 28, 2014 6:29 am

      Maybe I am to dumb to understand why they had to do it! 😉


  3. lou222 permalink
    January 28, 2014 9:05 am

    This is lengthy, but worth reading. What do you think of what it says? It came from a post over at


    Hello, I am an angry voter! Before it is too late I feel the need to be the whistleblower! I am petitioning you to do several things:

    •​Audit the Fed to enforce transparency and to stop printing money out of thin air! (I support Senator Rand Paul’s positions). The Federal Reserve’s actions creates cycles of economic boom followed by economic destruction. Nowhere in human history has an endless printing of a nation’s currency produced a positive final result. “Quantitative Easing” 1,2,3,4 creates bubbles in the stock market, such as it currently lifting the Dow above 16000 before it severely crashes. America has an illusion of economy recovery because of the actions of the Federal Reserve – not a real recovery. Meanwhile, our elected officials point to the stock market and claim credit for “success”- it is a lie! Peter Schiff of Euro Pacific Capital is correct:… . The federal reserve is nothing but a Ponzi scheme! We *have been* the world’s reserve currency of choice since the end of WWII, however, the federal reserve’s reckless policy of financial folly has resulted in other nations moving to unseat, undermine, undercut the middleman(the U.S. dollar) by making direct agreements with nations other than the U.S.A. to eliminate the need for our currency for trade(i.e. B.R.I.C. nations. Brazil, Russia, India, China). This can be appropriately labeled as currency wars. America’s debt is 17 trillion dollars and exploding. America’s adversaries do not need to defeat us militarily, they are waiting for us to go bankrupt! As soon as the U.S. dollar is dethroned as the world’s reserve currency by a new world order, expect the value of the American dollar to crash, along with the stock market and pensioner’s 401k’s – expect the next great depression and hyperinflation! (history’s examples: Weimar Republic, Zimbabwe). Source…… . History such as the great depression eventually repeats itself, especially when we do not learn from our mistakes! Americans will need a wheelbarrow of cash to buy a loaf of bread! –AUDIT THE FED!!!

    •​Hold the democrat liars who sold Obamacare to the American people accountable -including the socialist, marxist, communist, fascist, “Saul Alinsky”, crises creator-(“never let a crises go to waste”), “boil the frog slowly”-(the American people that is!), “make it hurt”-(closing the veteran’s WWII memorial while Pelosi stages an illegal immigrant rally on the mall during the shutdown on the same day!), federal deficit ballooner, phony president and his administration (what the president says and does do not match!!). – I still remember the ties Obama had to Reverend Jeremiah Wright and the domestic terrorist Bill Ayers!

    •​Enforce Congress and the President to live by the same laws you impose on the American people (i.e. Obamacare).

    •​Impeach the president, uphold and defend the constitution and the bill of rights as it was originally written (impeaching the president and upholding defending the constitution/bill of rights are related!).

    •​Call a Constitution Article V Convention of States for the purpose of limiting the power and jurisdiction of the federal government! http://WWW.CONVENTIONOFSTATES.COM

    •​Reign in the executive branch overreach of authority and privilege! He has unconstitutionally legislated by executive order! What is the president going to do next week, month or year?? – Create and incite a national crisis as an excuse to declare martial law so he can crown himself a dictator?? What about about Obama creating the crisis of bankrupting this nation by deliberately doubling the national deficit during his presidency?! – An insidiously subversive, “trojan horse” president, politically funded by the anti-american billionaire George Soros, a known communist, socialist, currency manipulator! – Most of the democratic party is bought and paid for! http://pro.stansberryresearch…. – For the preservation of American Freedoms and the American way of life IMPEACH THIS PRESIDENT NOW!!!!

    •​Hold the failures of the Bengazi scandal accountable (especially the president and Hillary Clinton).

    •​Hold the NSA domestic spying on American citizens without probable cause scandal accountable (4th amendment violation).

    •​Impeach Eric Holder for the Fast and Furious scandal.

    • Hold the parties responsible for the IRS targeting of political opposition groups/persons

    •​Oppose Amnesty for illegals (because they should not be rewarded for sneaking across our porous border) to prevent them from becoming 12 million newly minted-low information-bought and paid for entitlement-welfare-burden on the U.S taxpayer-bankrupt America democratic voters!!!

    •​Oppose the president’s Trans Pacific Partnership Treaty (since nobody clearly knows what is in it like Obamacare and I fear the president is selling America’s sovereignty “down the river”.

    •​Oppose the sneaky U.N. Small Arms Treaty or any other future U.N. infringement on American sovereignty – In fact, kick the anti-American, vision of one world government U.N. out of the U.S.A.!! U.N.’s Agenda 21 is evil!

    • Why has the DHS bought 1.6 billion hollow point bullets? What are they preparing for? Why has the Obama administration heavily militarized the DHS and our local police departments? Per the Geneva conventions, hollow points are illegal to use in wars between nations. The DHS must be preparing to use them against the American people! What is worse is American taxpayer dollars were use to buy these bullets! I think it is because they are the first to know just how serious America’s impending bankruptcy is and hiding it from the public! I am demanding the demilitarization of the “department of homeland security”!! Obama’s communist domestic army! Representative Sheila Jackson Lee slipped when she suggested the words “martial law” during the federal government shutdown – If you look at her contact info on the website, it shows her committee assignment as “Homeland Security Judiciary” (not a coincidence)! – “When the people fear their government, there is tyranny! When the government fears the people, there is liberty!” – Thomas Jefferson

    •​Increase sanctions on Iran to end their nuclear program, otherwise you will enable war to break out in the middle-east while betraying Israel.

    This is my protest!! I believe we are in danger of losing our Constitutional Republic! Help me save it!

    I am risking unjust reprisal to speak out, yet the consequences of remaining silent are far worse for this nation!

    Just say NO to the sell-out RINO’s – (Senator Mitch McConnell, this includes you!!)

    Senator Harry Reid, you have always been a sell-out, or you are a political coward, and an accomplice to the Obama administration corruption! I am calling you out on it! – “Those who will sacrifice liberty for temporary security, deserve neither, and will lose both” – Benjamin Franklin

    I am an anti-progressive(democrat and republican alike), anti-liberal, anti-elitist-condescending statist-(“trust us because we know what is best for you better than you do and the American people are too stupid to make wise choices for themselves”) – so for example, we will impose elitist, “genius” Obamacare on the American people whether they want it or not!

    I am a pro-constitution, bill of rights, founding father’s principles, limited government, libertarian supporter, Mark Levin’s book – “The Liberty Amendments” admirer, Constitution’s Article V convention of state’s advocate.

    I’m sending a copy of this message to your fellow congressmen and news media outlets across the country, including some in your state! (I treasure the bill of rights, do you??)

    J. Preston Hentz, Scottsdale, AZ


    • January 28, 2014 7:46 pm

      I agree with all of it!


      • lou222 permalink
        January 28, 2014 8:27 pm

        I tried posting it the first time and it didn’t get posted, so I went to a different posting and tried a second time and it posted there AND the first one. Sorry. You can remove one of them if you like. I just thought it was a good consolidated bunch of information.


      • January 29, 2014 6:38 am

        What happened is your comment got flagged for moderation for some reason. I got an email on my phone telling me I had two comments to moderate and when I saw they were from you I approved both of them. I didn’t have time to read them at work so I didn’t realize they were the same.


  4. Petermc3 permalink
    January 28, 2014 4:42 pm

    What is wrong with these knuckleheads? They seem to love to slap hands with the enemy. Look what they did to Huckabee. Even FOX kept it going supposedly in the role as devil’s advocate. They too need to fill the 24 hour news reading cycle. Piss on all of them.


    • January 28, 2014 7:47 pm

      I stopped watching even Fox quite awhile ago. I think you hit on something; with the 24 hour news cycle all these outlets have to fill all their time and this is what we are getting because of it.


  5. January 28, 2014 6:02 pm

    Sadly, the msm is too ignorant to recognize history. The first to go once we go totalitarian, is the media. Unfortunately, we will be forced to share the camps with them. We may get some sadistic pleasure in tormenting them.


    • January 28, 2014 7:49 pm

      Exactly! They are useful idiots and they will be replaced with state run media once the fundamental transformation is complete. The useful idiots always think they will be spared but they never are.


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