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In what could be a referendum on Obamacare, Republican wins Florida’s special election

March 11, 2014

 All eyes were on Florida’s special election today because it pitted a Republican who was running against Obamacare against a Democrat who was telling seniors the Republican candidate was an extremist who wanted to take Medicare and Social Security away from them. This was seen by many as a bellwether election which could possibly predict the fortunes of both parties in November.

  It is now being reported that the Republican candidate, David Jolly, has defeated the Democratic candidate, Alex Sink, by a margin of 48-46% with Libertarian candidate, Lucas Overby, gathering roughly 5% of the vote.

  The Republicans will claim this is a bellwether election and a sign of things to come in November, but is it?

  It is hard to say because a Republican held this seat previously while Barack Obama carried the district by a margin of 52-48% in 2008 and by 50-49% in 2012. And David Jolly failed to win a 50% majority in a district held by Republicans in the first place.

  I like to think this is a sign of things to come in November in regards to Obamacare but I am not sure it is at this point. I guess we will just have to wait and see…..

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  1. Richard M Nixon (Deceased) permalink
    March 11, 2014 8:41 pm

    Us old farts here in Florida’s 13th Congressional District didn’t believe Alex Sink at all, deplored her endless attack ads and the lies in her ceasless robo-calls (yesterday I received 27 from Sink or her supporters including one on behalf of Planned Parenthood) against 1 from the Jolly campaign that simply requested I vote and to press 1 if I needed a ride to the polls. I was concerned that the folks that game the system to get assistance would out number the oldsters but they were too busy selling their foodstamps or buying crack to go vote. Even so, the election was close but I think the coming landslide needs but a small start to begin the slide …


    • March 12, 2014 5:23 am

      It is great to see people did not fall for the lies, perhaps now that they are seeing Obamacare up close and personal the lies will no longer work. The landslide needs to start somewhere and Florida seems to be a good place for it to start.


  2. hocuspocus13 permalink
    March 11, 2014 9:07 pm

    Excellent…and now I can sleep tight…


  3. March 11, 2014 9:30 pm

    Is it time for a brief respite from resigning ourselves to either the hag of Benghazi or Obamalama in a third term occupying the White House in 2017?


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