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The UN claims global warming is to blame for cold weather

March 24, 2014

 We have heard this argument from the left recently: global warming is responsible for the frigid temperatures which gripped much of the United States this Winter. This is why the left changed the terminology from global warming to climate change, or to global climate disruption if you will.

  Now the United Nations is climbing on board with the mantra that the cold Winter weather is not the result of Winter but rather global warming. 

  Here is more:

The United Nations’ weather arm says that global warming was responsible for last year’s droughts, heat waves and heavy rains, as well as the freezing cold winters in North America and record sea ice coverage in Antarctica.

The U.N.’s World Meteorological Organization (WMO) says that 2013 tied with 2007 as the sixth warmest year on record, and proved that the world was still on a warming trend. This warming trend, the WMO contends, is caused by human activity and is responsible for driving extreme weather events last year, including Australia’s record-setting heat wave and the record-low temperatures in United States.

“There is no standstill in global warming,” said WMO Secretary-General Michel Jarraud in a statement. “The warming of our oceans has accelerated, and at lower depths. More than 90 percent of the excess energy trapped by greenhouse gases is stored in the oceans. Levels of these greenhouse gases are at record levels, meaning that our atmosphere and oceans will continue to warm for centuries to come. The laws of physics are non-negotiable.”

warming is also responsible for the “frigid polar air [that] plummeted into parts of Europe and the southeast United States,” and “Antarctic sea ice extent [that] reached a record daily maximum.”

Global warming also meant that “Israel, Jordan, and Syria were struck by unprecedented snowfall,” according to the WMO.

  The key phrase in all of that is “the laws of physics are non-negotiable” for if this is true, and it is, why is the left trying to negotiate the laws of physics through cap and trade?

  The answer is obvious: because cap and trade is not about, and never was about the climate or saving the earth, but rather about control of the masses.

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  1. March 24, 2014 6:42 pm

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    • March 24, 2014 7:00 pm

      Thank you again.


      • March 24, 2014 7:01 pm

        You’re welcome.


  2. March 24, 2014 7:40 pm

    Money and control, that’s all it is.


    • March 24, 2014 7:41 pm



  3. MaddMedic permalink
    March 24, 2014 8:46 pm

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    • March 25, 2014 6:02 am

      Thank you.


  4. March 25, 2014 7:06 am

    After the American colonies defeated the British it was widely said “The world’s turned upside down.” The same can be said of today as the incrementalism of the one world socialists takes down the once great democracies. Hot is cold and cold is hot.


    • March 25, 2014 6:46 pm

      Everything seems to be backwards nowadays!


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