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NYPD Union head blasts Mayor de Blasio: ‘There’s blood on many hands tonight’

December 21, 2014

 In the wake of the revenge killing of two New York City police officers, the head of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, Pat Lynch, had some harsh words for New York City Mayor de Blasio.

  Here is what he had to say:

  And if that was not bad enough on its own, here is the NYPD turning it back on Mayor de Blasio as he enters a press conference on the revenge killings:

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  1. December 21, 2014 8:13 pm

    When a PD serves itself first and foremost, it soon becomes clear. It does not favor rule of law. Just rule of force.


    • Bruce permalink
      December 21, 2014 8:48 pm

      Thank you for pointing out the rule of law, and the harm done to our country when we ignore the rule of law. No one has been as self serving as the President and the Attorney General ignoring the rule of law as they have when they disrespect the 5,000 page Grand Jury report on Ferguson, and declare that the rule of law ONLY matters if THEY approve of what is done. I would ask that any PD you feel is self serving to leave their jobs in mass. If the citizens of their city don’t want them, then let that city go without.

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  2. Bruce permalink
    December 21, 2014 8:38 pm

    I was very proud to see the police turn their backs on comrad de Blasio. it is exactly what he deserved.

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    • December 22, 2014 6:31 am

      It certainly sent a powerful message and I wonder if he can survive this.


    • lou222 permalink
      December 22, 2014 1:05 pm

      Bruce, I blame alot of this on the liberal teachings that are going on in the schools this past generation and the present one. The kids are only told what is so far left and not what the real history is. That anyone can change books and what is inside tells me we are no longer in America. Is it any wonder that, after being molded into what the left wants, these kids will do what they are told, not questioning it? Brain washing is not out of the question.
      As far as the thugs go, the break down of the family unit plays a big roll in that. Do not bother calling me a “racist”, because I know I am because I am white, it goes with the territory. If these kids (all colors) were made to do the right thing, go to school (such as it is) and respect others, maybe this would not be happening. Guess that the welfare system has added to not needing a father figure in the picture, either. After all, why do you need a man in the house, when the state will take care of you?
      De Blasio does not deserve respect, especially from the PD, he let them know what he thought of them. He let officers be attacked and did nothing. Now we have deaths, what next and how much? The same goes for Sharpton, if he is getting death threats, it is of his own making. When you stir up shit, you expect to get some shit back at you. People are getting tired of this! They are trying to just exist and pay the bills, I doubt they will put up with much more out of these leftist race baiters.

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  3. barbarafromnyc permalink
    December 21, 2014 8:49 pm

    Lynch called it right! There are now people trying to get Lynch to walk it back, I hope he stays true to his rank and file.

    Di Blasio has to go. There’s no way he gets to stay in office and I would love to see Ray Kelly replace Bratton who lacked the spine needed to stand up to Di Blasio.

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    • December 22, 2014 6:32 am

      I hope he does not walk it back, de Blasio stepped in it after Ferguson and he got what he deserved. I am not sure de Blasio can survive this.


  4. December 21, 2014 8:58 pm

    Councilman Jumaanie Williams from Brooklyn called for protesters to attack the cops at the end of each day’s protests. The cops were attacked from the day Williams sent his message out on. Farrakhan said the exact same words the cop killer posted – i.e. they kill one of yours, you kill 2 of theirs. 2 cops were killed. The only thing these protesters were out there for was to protect criminals and now 2 good men are dead! But neither Williams or Farrakhan have been arrested for inciting violence. Di Blasio who made sure all of these protests took place throughout NYC & more than threw the cops under the bus has the blood of these cops on his hands. Di Blasio has to go! NOW! Sharpton who organized these protests throughout America needs to be banned from NY – forever!

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    • December 22, 2014 6:34 am

      Well said! The people who incited this violence need to be held accountable as well!


  5. Paul H. Lemmen permalink
    December 21, 2014 10:38 pm

    Reblogged this on A Conservative Christian Man.

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  6. Petermc3 permalink
    December 22, 2014 12:29 am

    A rehash of previous posts: di Blasio is a self proclaimed socialist as well as a card carrying communist elected to office of Mayor of New York City; yes that same New York City that is the world capital of finance, commerce and capitalism. Not unlike his boss Barry Obama he could give two shits about police officers, his city or his country or what anybody thinks about how he behaves. The stupid people of New York are no different then the 50% of stupid people across this once great country. Thanks to the billionaire ex-mayor Bloomberg buying off the city council to change the rules of a two term limit to three terms for the office of mayor di Blasio will be here for three terms rather than two. Yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus for all the left wing commie/marxist/ socialists calling themselves progressives these days.
    P.S. For all you out of towers you must visit the city when Madison Avenue is blocked off and shut down for the muslim prayer day.

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  7. lou222 permalink
    December 22, 2014 9:46 am

    We, here, all knew that Ferguson was not going to STAY in Ferguson! The race baiters, from the White House on down, have been fast tracking the racial relations with the help of simple people that are easily lead! At some point they knew it would escalate into an all out war and as far as it looks now, it is right on track for that to happen. The Police had their hands tied by the Attorney General and that gave the thugs and protesters all they needed to feel empowered. Now we have dead officers that will never be going home to families and there are people cheering that this happened. We have weak leaders for this to have been allowed to escalate to this extent. De Blasio is a weak leader, but powerful for having the backing of the Administration. Then you have the Al Sharptons that are now scared that he is getting “death threats”! And what was he expecting? Is this real or is it made up crap so people will fall in step behind him even more? Your guess is as good as mine. I would not fault any officer that did not want to respond to a call unless he had major backing. His/her life is not worth the job. It is sad that this has happened and I think it was meant to happen. Then we have the Cuban Crisis going on, without Congressional approval, as usual. That is going over real well, just ask the Cuban-exiles that live in Florida how much they support it. I cannot leave out the 1,400 Ebola possibilites the CDC is following in the US, that just came up yesterday, guess it is supposed to scare us into only thinking about that so the Administration can figure out how to get out of this racial and Cuban mess it has gotten itself into. We are on overload with CRAP going on, I have never seen the likes of it in my 60 years. We can thank Barrack Obama and the people that put this man (term used lightly) into office. What a Merry Christmas for us, huh?

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    • December 22, 2014 8:12 pm

      I have a great fear that this is only the beginning and is going to spread to other cities. I hope I am wrong but I have a very bad feeling about this!

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  8. December 22, 2014 11:59 am


    “… the NYPD turning it back on Mayor de Blasio as he enters a press conference on the revenge killings:”

    The police who turned their back should resign. They serve the Mayor and the people; as police personnel they cannot be trusted!

    “…the head of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, Pat Lynch, had some harsh words for New York City Mayor de Blasio.”

    Despite what these police organizations and their allies allege, there isn’t an anti-police movement in this country, or at least, none of any significance. The people demonstrating for justice for Eric Garner and Michael Brown aren’t against police, they are for better policing.

    The people protesting- want departments to treat their communities with respect, and they want accountability for officers who kill their neighbors without justification. When criminals kill law-abiding citizens, they’re punished. When criminals kill cops, they’re punished.

    But when cops kill citizens, the system breaks down and no one is held accountable. That is what people are protesting. …

    Claiming the New York City protests as “anti-police marches,” is grossly inaccurate and illustrates the problem of perception the protestors are battling. The marches are meant to raise awareness of double standards, lack of adequate police candidate screening, and insufficient training that have resulted in unnecessary killings.

    Police are not under attack, institutionalized racism is. Trying to remove sexually abusive priests is not an attack on Catholicism, nor is removing ineffective teachers an attack on education. Bad apples, bad training, and bad officials who blindly protect them, are the enemy. And any institution worth saving should want to eliminate them, too.”

    Mr Lynch should step down from his position as head of the PBA.

    Ema Nymton


    • Bruce permalink
      December 22, 2014 1:18 pm

      On most of the above, reasonable people could agree, or at least agree to disagree. But then we get”…and they want accountability for officers who kill their neighbors without justification…” There it is! As with Al Sharpton, Louis Farakhan and Bill de Blasio, the radical left wants to destroy the cornerstone of the American Constitution, ‘the rule of law’. They use the phrase “without justification”, but what they mean is without the approval of the radical left. The left doesn’t give a damn about unjustified killings. If they did, they would be protesting over 2,200 black-on-black murders. They would talk about the Bosnian immigrant murdered by black men for no reason other reason than the man was white. But that doesn’t serve the leftist agenda.
      I stand by Pat Lynch, I stand by the off duty officers who used their ‘freedom of speech’ and turned their back on this joke of a mayor. I stand by the Grand Jury in Ferguson. I stand by the Grand Jury in New York. The rule of law, how the left hates it.

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      • December 22, 2014 8:15 pm

        What some people forget is that these grand juries are privy to more information on the cases than the propaganda we are fed.


    • December 22, 2014 8:14 pm

      Maybe they were not held accountable because they did nothing wrong, people are still innocent until found guilty in this country.


      • December 23, 2014 1:29 pm


        “Maybe they were not held accountable because they did nothing wrong, people are still innocent until found guilty in this country.”

        Armed police persons strangling an unarmed person to death is not considered wrong in AmericasWatchTower? Why is this not surprising?

        Are all the police always to be treated with this much deference? Should Clive Bundy of Nevada have been allowed to thumb his nose to the federal authorities or should he have been strangled too?

        Ema Nymton

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      • Bruce permalink
        December 23, 2014 3:13 pm

        Let’s at least get the facts right. A huge man, with a criminal history was physically resisting arrest fighting back against 3 smaller cops in front of, and under the supervision of their lieutenant. In the process of trying to gain physical control of the suspect without the use of any weapons, one of the officers use a hold to bring the suspect to the ground. Some time LATER, due to the suspects physical condition, and under the treatment of EMT’s he died. Those, and MANY other facts were considered by the Grand Jury, and after a long deliberation, it was determined that the officer acted properly in the line of duty. Just that simple.
        Clive Bundy, who I don’t give a damn about, and who I don’t care what happens to, didn’t resist arrest.

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      • December 23, 2014 8:10 pm

        If you had read my previous posts on this issue instead of jumping to conclusions you would see that I stated I have a problem with the police in that case. However Bruce is right, he was not as innocent as the media would have us believe. Did he deserve what happened to him? No, but he did have a history of criminal activity and he was well-known by the police and that is something the media has ignored.


  9. December 22, 2014 8:46 pm

    If we only had a GOPer who was as articulate.

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  10. December 23, 2014 1:46 pm

    It always leads to bad choices when the bad guys kill themselves in the act. Look at 9/11: angry at the wrong country! This is more of the same. It’s not satisfying to blame the dead. Accurate, yes, but not satisfying at b a time that for many demands satisfaction.

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  11. Bruce permalink
    December 23, 2014 3:34 pm

    From CNN
    Just three hours before his rampage, Brinsley posted on Instagram anti-cop rhetoric and threatened vengeance for the police-involved deaths of Garner and Michael Brown, police said.
    “I’m Putting Wings On Pigs Today,” Brinsley reportedly wrote. “They Take 1 Of Ours…Let’s Take 2 of Theirs #ShootThePolice #RIPErivGarner #RIPMikeBrown This May Be My Final Post I’m Putting Pigs In A Blanket.”

    Read more:
    Follow us: @washtimes on Twitter

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    • December 23, 2014 8:11 pm

      Thanks Bruce, there is no doubt the protests played into this and that is something the media is ignoring.


  12. Petermc3 permalink
    December 24, 2014 2:29 am

    “They take one of ours, let’s take two of them” was the mantra of the old black panthers of the 60’s. Those bastards unlike today’s rabble didn’t need a piece of porcine offal like Al Sharpton to articulate their hatred for their failures which they love to blame on the white man. They seem not to know that today’s and yesterday’s intergenerational poverty, dependence and broken families are the byproducts of their compassionate democrat politicians i.e. their 20th and 21st century plantation bosses.

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