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Democrats take a page from Karl Rove’s playbook, seek to protect establishment candidates from primary challengers

March 19, 2015

 Karl_Rove425x283Back in February of 2013 Karl Rove basically declared war on the Tea Party by backing a new group called the Conservative Victory ProjectSure the name sounded great but as I alluded to above, this was nothing but an attempt to protect the establishment elitist incumbent Republicans from facing primary challenges from undesirables–in other words, voters who are upset with the party.

  In the end the establishment wants to control who our candidates will be and for all intents and purposes they do. We only have the illusion of real choice but make no mistake about it when the establishment throws money behind a candidate in most cases it is that candidate who ends up winning.

  According to  this story the establishment Democrats apparently like this idea as well because it looks like they are stealing a page out of Karl Rove’s playbook.

  Here is more:

Democratic leaders in the Senate see a path back to the majority, and they are actively working to clear the field for their favored candidates — quashing unpredictable and sometimes bloody primary fights before they even begin. Reid and his leadership team are betting that the party establishment still has enough sway in Senate primaries to overcome dissent — a far different calculation than Republican leaders who feel they must step lightly into primary elections for fear of igniting a conservative backlash.

 happy_harry_reid I disagree with that last statement for the reason I stated above but I would say that maybe the establishment Republicans are being a little more sneaky about it.

  This amounts to (and I am talking about both parties here) nothing more than the old days and the brings to mind the old adage of party leaders meeting behind closed doors in cigar smoke filled rooms choosing who will represent the party. Only now they are doing it in the open by throwing money around to influence the people while giving them the illusion they are making the choice of their own free will. But in the end we vote for the candidates which were chosen for us be our so-called leadership.

  If you have ever wondered why we keep voting for change yet everything remains the same you know have at least part of the answer. Nothing is going to change until the leadership changes and they know it–that is why they are working so hard to protect themselves.

Malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium

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  1. March 19, 2015 8:48 pm

    Karl crwydr yn ddarn rino o crap


  2. Pjetermc3 permalink
    March 19, 2015 9:12 pm

    Even a bad haircut can’t stop shitheads ( no pun intended) like Rove and Reid as long as self interest tops all, as it always will.

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  3. lou222 permalink
    March 20, 2015 7:52 am

    Rove does not have our best interest at heart, he is a RINO and they are trying to protect themselves the best they can. The Republican party is cut in two and we are the ones suffering from that. They should take a page from the Democratic playbook, at least the Democrats stick together and show a united front. You would think that the Tea Party was more of an enemy to the Republicans than the Democrats are when you hear the RINOs speak. If a third party were the answer I would be all for it, but that could take years to be successful and we are out of time. The RINOs need to accept the fact that they are NOT what is best for our party. There are alot of them that have become toxic to the rest of the party and need to retire. We need more fresh ideas, not just the same-o same-o.

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