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Peter Schweizer on The Clinton Foundation: ‘the smoking gun is in the pattern of behavior’

April 26, 2015

  Peter Schweizer, the author of Clinton Cash, appeared on This Week With George Stephanopoulos and when the host pressed him on the lack of a smoking gun he replied, “the smoking gun is a pattern of behavior.” He also likened this to the McConnell and Menendez  cases and stated that “the evidence here is far more widespread in terms of repeated action.” He also states that “these are all coincidences or something else is afoot.”

  Of course I do not believe in coincidences when it comes to politics…

  Here is the video:

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  1. the unit permalink
    April 26, 2015 10:18 pm

    Been a little puny today and didn’t read as thoroughly as usual, but saw a article that led off with a book about the Clinton’s written by a conservative that holds no water. Don’t know if Podestra, but more right wing conspiracy stuff.


    • the unit permalink
      April 26, 2015 10:28 pm

      Still puny. Meant the article by lib, maybe Podestra, said the book by conservative holds no water and won’t define them.


  2. April 27, 2015 2:24 pm

    Glad you snagged the interview, I had been looking for it. Presented well, we should be making some progress in discrediting the Clintons.

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  3. Dr. Jeff permalink
    April 27, 2015 6:02 pm

    Here’s the $64,000 question:

    Will even the most explicit evidence of crime make any difference to the entrenched Democrat power structure that is ruling our country?

    Will it make any difference to the typical Liberal?

    Will anything change?

    Sorry, that’s three questions. I’m pretty pessimistic about getting any significant change, there are just too many Liberals happily hating on the rest of us.

    A few days ago, I made the mistake of commenting on a Liberal cause on Facebook. Yeeech. All I got in response were insults and canned Liberal talking points. They would have sent me to a re-education camp if they could have.

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  4. Dr. Jeff permalink
    April 27, 2015 9:18 pm

    Sort of and not quite. Undoubtedly Soros has his greasy fingers in things, but not this time.

    Here’s Michelle Malkin on the subject:

    ““Soros has enough explicit ties to President Obama’s administration and campaign without having to embellish them,” Malkin notes.”

    The Blaze has a decent article about it.

    Sorry. We know they’ll cheat on the vote counts, but this isn’t the method they’re using.


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