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IRS admits Lois Lerner conducted official business on personal email account

August 25, 2015

 lois lerner When thinking about the Hillary Clinton email scandal an important, but as of yet mostly unasked, question comes to mind and it is this: If Hillary Clinton was using a personal email server to conduct ALL State Department business who else was also using a personal account for official business? 

  It seems like a logical question to ask for if one public servant was using a personal email server to hide her activities and keep them beyond the reach of oversight committees and FOIA requests it stands to reason that others would as well–especially if they are engaged in nefarious activities.

  And speaking of nefarious activities that brings us to Lois Lerner and the IRS targeting scandal. According to this story the IRS is now admitting the agency has found a second personal email account on which Lois Lerner conducted at least some IRS business.

  Here is more:

Lois Lerner had yet another personal email account used to conduct some IRS business, the tax agency confirmed in a new court filing late Monday that further complicates the administration’s efforts to be transparent about Ms. Lerner’s actions during the tea party targeting scandal.

The admission came in an open-records lawsuit filed by Judicial Watch, a conservative public interest law firm that has sued to get a look at emails Ms. Lerner sent during the targeting.

IRS lawyer Geoffrey J. Klimas told the court that as the agency was putting together a set of documents to turn over to Judicial Watch, it realized Ms. Lerner had used yet another email account, in addition to her official one and another personal one already known to the agency.

“In addition to emails to or from an email account denominated ‘Lois G. Lerner‘ or ‘Lois Home,’ some emails responsive to Judicial Watch’s request may have been sent to or received from a personal email account denominated ‘Toby Miles,’” Mr. Klimas told Judge Emmet G. Sullivan, who is hearing the case.

It is unclear who Toby Miles is, but Mr. Klimas said the IRS has concluded that was “a personal email account used by Lerner.”

  Here we learn that the person at the heart of the IRS targeting scandal had not one but two personal email accounts on which she conducted some of her official correspondence, and to top it all off the one the IRS just discovered was apparently being hidden under an alias. But there is not even a smidgen of corruption here…

  It is unclear at this time whether the IRS just recently discovered Toby Miles or if the IRS knew about it all along and was complicit in trying to keep this under wraps but one thing is certain; in the years since this scandal first broke Lois Lerner, AKA Toby Miles, had plenty of time to borrow the same book on wiping emails clean that Mrs. Clinton had so much interest in

Malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium

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  4. August 25, 2015 12:56 pm

    My guess is that we would all be Brain Punched by the number of officials using personal email accounts.

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  1. IRS Emails: Lois Lerner, AKA “Toby Miles” | The Universal Spectator

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