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Donald Trump leads all Democrats in latest general election poll

September 5, 2015

 A new poll by SurveyUSA has been released at it shows Donald Trump currently ahead of all the Democrats in the survey. (The poll does not include Martin O’Malley for some strange reason but it includes two Democrats who are not currently in the race.)

  Here are the results:

Trump 45%, Clinton 40%
Trump 44%, Sanders 40%
Trump 44%, Biden 42%
Trump 44%, Gore 41%

  I think this shows us the dissatisfaction with the establishment on both sides of the aisle, however I do have a couple of problems with the poll which could call into question its accuracy.

  First: the internals of the poll show that SurveyUSA polled 1,000 adults and of those 900 were registered voters. There is no breakdown of Republicans versus Democrats polled so this could skew the numbers one way or the other.

  And second: this was a national poll which means by default it is based on the popular vote and unless and until the National Popular Vote movement succeeds (and it is halfway to its goal) the election is decided by the Electoral College. While the Electoral College most often reflects the results of the popular vote that is not always the case.

  It would be more accurate to tally up the polls of the individual states to determine who has the most Electoral College votes but I still believe this poll can be used to partially judge the mindset of the American voters at this point in time.

Malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium

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