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Bernie Sanders leads Hillary Clinton by 11 points in latest New Hampshire poll

September 7, 2015

 Mrs. Clinton’s free fall continues according to the latest New Hampshire poll. Last month’s poll showed Bernie Sanders pulling ahead of the former Secretary of State for the first time in the race and this latest poll shows him extending his lead into the double-digits.

  Here is more:

In New Hampshire, Sanders had the support of 49 percent of Democrats when Joe Biden’s name was not included as a choice, with Clinton in second with 38 percent support.

Sanders maintained his lead when Biden was included as a choice, with 41 percent picking Sanders, 32 percent choosing Clinton and 16 percent picking Biden, who is still weighing whether or not to enter the race.

  In Iowa Hillary Clinton still has an 11 point lead over the self-avowed socialist from Vermont, however that lead has been more than cut in half since the last poll was released:

In Iowa, Clinton’s lead over Sanders has narrowed significantly. The former secretary of state now leads Sanders, 48 percent to 37 percent, down from a 29-point lead in an NBC News/Marist poll earlier this summer. (With Biden included as an option, Clinton earns 38 percent, compared to 27 percent for Sanders and 20 percent for the vice president.)

  It is hard to believe but these contests are only a few short months away and if Hillary Clinton cannot stop the hemorrhaging soon her hope for the Presidency could be over before it really even got started. Has the Democratic party really moved this far to the left or is this a result of Hillary Clinton’s email scandal? If it is the latter we may be about to see the law of unintended consequences in action…

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