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Donald Trump threatens to sue Ted Cruz if he does not stop the negative ads

February 12, 2016

donald trump A few times in the past on America’s Watchtower I have written about how when a conservative calls out a liberal on his or her record the liberal will respond by saying they were attacked by the conservative. As if somehow calling out a person for their record is an attack, shouldn’t the person in question be proud of their record?

  Well now Donald Trump, who I maintain is a liberal, is acting like a liberal by threatening in a Tweet to sue Ted Cruz over his citizenship if he does not stop the negative attacks. You can view the Tweet here if you so choose. So what are in the so-called negative ads that have Donald Trump upset? He called him out on his record. Here is more:

Trump accused Cruz on Friday of running a nasty campaign after the Texas senator unleashed brutal attacks on Trump’s record on abortion, gay marriage and Obamacare on the campaign trail here. Unless Cruz stops, Trump said, he has “standing to sue” Cruz over being born in Canada.

  The irony of Donald Trump accusing somebody else about being nasty was not lost on Ted Cruz:

“There’s more than a little irony in Donald accusing anybody of being nasty given the amazing torrent of insults and obscenities that come out of his mouth on any given day,” Cruz told reporters. “Suddenly, every day he comes out with a new attack.”

  And then Ted Cruz nailed Donald Trump on why he is actually attacking him:

“There is a reason that Donald engages in attacks, because it’s all a smokescreen for his record.”

  He is exactly right and how many times in the past have we accused the liberals of trying to stifle the opposition by trying to intimidate us? Now Donald Trump is stooping to their level in an attempt to intimidate Ted Cruz and I would say this is because he is trying to hide his liberal record because if people were to vote on his record and not his rhetoric he would lose. 

  Donald Trump is like Barack Obama when it comes to this: he likes to attack his opponents but does not like it when they fight back and now that I think about it he might be even more thin-skinned than the President…

malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium

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