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New national poll shows Ted Cruz leading Donald Trump by two points

February 17, 2016

 Regular readers of America’s Watchtower know how I feel about national polls but in case you are a new reader I will state my opinion again before I proceed with this post: national polls can be used to gauge the feelings and trends of the American people however they cannot be used to predict the outcome of primary elections. We need to look at the polls in the individual states to predict how the primary election will go because there is not a national election…yet.

  Having said that a new national poll is out which for the first time shows Donald Trump trailing Ted Cruz, here is more:

In the poll, Cruz is the first choice of 28 percent of Republican primary voters, while Trump gets 26 percent. They’re followed by Marco Rubio at 17 percent, John Kasich at 11 percent, Ben Carson at 10 percent and Jeb Bush at 4 percent.

  With most all other national polls showing Donald Trump with a big lead over his rivals this poll could just be an outlier however it could also show a new trend developing. This is the first poll I have seen since the last Republican debate when Donald Trump moved so far to the left on September 11th that he earned the praise of the Huffington Post and Code Pink. It will be interesting to see how this plays out as we move forward in the primary, is a trend beginning to develop or is this simply a little bump in the road for Donald Trump?

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