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Donald Trump could win West Virginia in a landslide and still lose delegates to Ted Cruz

April 16, 2016

donald trump Regular readers of America’s Watchtower know that I am not a supporter of Donald Trump in any way, shape, or form–in fact I believe he is a straw man for the Democratic party. However his candidacy, along with the Bernie Sanders campaign, has shed some light some light on the primary processes in several states which show us how the establishment is able to control which candidate wins the nomination which otherwise might not have ever come to light.

  We have all seen the way the Democrats have been propping up Hillary Clinton with the superdelegates: Hillary Clinton has what appears to be an insurmountable lead in the overall delegate count despite the fact that Bernie Sanders has won seven out of the last eight contests but has been unable to put a dent in Hillary Clinton’s lead.

  But while we have all been laughing at the irony of an avowed socialist having his delegates redistributed Donald Trump’s candidacy has shed some light on the Republican establishment’s hold on the nomination process. We all knew the establishment had quite a bit of control over the process through the money it spent on the candidate of its choosing but I do not think many of us knew the extent of the control the establishment had on the process until it decided to stop Donald Trump at all costs–up to and including the ultimate election of Hillary Clinton as the next President of the United States.

  The most recent example of this control was in the state of Colorado where Ted Cruz won all of the state’s delegates without a vote, and also in Tennessee, but we have also seen several instances where the Cruz campaign was able to elect delegates to the Republican convention who are likely to support the Texan Senator on the second ballot in the event of a brokered convention if the billionaire businessman is not able to secure enough delegates to win on the first ballot.

  Part of the blame for this has to fall on the Trump campaign because it seems to have a win the state and move on strategy whereas Ted Cruz’s ground game and its understanding of how the process works in the individual states has trumped Donald Trump.

  Be that as it may we may be seeing another example of the way the Republican establishment is able to control the system play out when West Virginia picks its delegates to the Republican convention. According to this story Donald Trump could win West Virginia in a landslide and sill lose the delegate count to Ted Cruz due to the state’s convoluted process and Donald Trump’s lack of post-election organization. Here is more:

Donald Trump has a new enemy in the fight for national convention delegates: the alphabet.

Trump is well-positioned for a resounding victory in West Virginia’s May 10 primary, but his win will be accompanied by a delegate selection process stacked in favor of people with last names at the beginning of the alphabet — rather than his most committed supporters.

It’s a quirk of West Virginia’s mind-bogglingly complex delegate election process that has the Trump campaign on red alert and seems likely to leave the mogul with weaker support at the national convention than he’s expected to earn in the state’s primary. It’s yet another convoluted primary system likely to add fuel to Trump’s complaints that the rules of the Republican nomination process are rigged.

“Not even Einstein could easily understand the selection process today,” said Mike Stuart, a former West Virginia Republican Party head and chairman of Trump’s campaign in the state.

“The delegate selection system is intentionally complicated, making it extremely hard for voters to control the commitment of delegates to any particular candidate,” Stuart said. “I think the selection process for delegates in West Virginia not only is bad. It may be the worst in the country.”

  And here is more:

Voters wishing to select a full slate of Trump delegates can choose up to 22 of them — though if they inadvertently select 23 or more, all of their choices are thrown out. They must also be aware of a new rule to prohibit more than two delegates from residing in a single county — and seven from a single Congressional district — a stipulation that isn’t mentioned on the ballot.

Yet nine of the first 22 names on Trump’s list are from populous Kanawha County, where Charleston, the state capital, is located. And if Trump voters pick them all, seven would be automatically disqualified and replaced by delegates who fit the criteria.

“Unfortunately, this will be a very random process with so many candidates for so few spots,” said Bob Miller, Jr., an uncommitted contender.

Traditionally, voters have simply selected the first 22 names associated with the candidate they support — and previous delegations have been heavy with surnames starting with A through C as a result.

  As I wrote before; much of the blame for Donald Trump’s delegate woes in some of the previous contests are directly related to his lack of post-election organization but West Virginia could prove to be an exception, do we really expect all of Donald Trumps supporters to know to which counties all of his potential delegates come from when they are choosing the delegates?

 This election cycle has shown us that the voters do not really have a say on either side of the aisle, it is an illusion because we simply elect from the selected–their motto appears to be you vote, we decide…

malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium

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  1. April 16, 2016 8:57 pm

    Let Me Ask America a Question
    How has the ‘system’ been working out for you and your family? No wonder voters demand change.

    This is Trump open in the WSJ

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    • April 17, 2016 6:28 am

      Thanks for sharing that, one thing that Trump has done was to expose just how deep the corruption is and just how controlled the whole process is.


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