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ZoNation: ‘Hillary Clinton is an Agent of Oppression’

April 19, 2016

  Recently Hillary Clinton made a statement along the lines of an unborn person does not have Constitutional rights. (Yes she did call the unborn a person and this drew the ire of the left.) In the latest ZoNation video entitled “Hillary Clinton is an Agent of Oppression” Zo takes on Hillary Clinton for this statement and he does it brilliantly.

  Zo looks to the Declaration of Independence to make his point: the Declaration of Independence clearly states that all men are CREATED equal so if the unborn is a person, as Hillary Clinton admitted it is, then that means he or she has Constitutional rights. This is an argument which I had not heard before but when you watch the video you will see how true, and shall I say simple, the argument really is.


malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium


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