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The FBI is investigating longtime Clinton ally Terry McAuliffe for illegal campaign donations

May 23, 2016

 According to this CNN story the FBI is investigating longtime Bill and Hillary Clinton friend and ally Terry McAuliffe for possible campaign violations during his tenure on The Clinton Foundation. Here is more:

Virginia Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe is the subject of an ongoing investigation by the FBI and prosecutors from the Justice Department’s public integrity unit, U.S. officials briefed on the probe say.

The investigation dates to at least last year and has focused, at least in part, on whether donations to his gubernatorial campaign violated the law, the officials said.
As part of the probe, the officials said, investigators have scrutinized McAuliffe’s time as a board member of the Clinton Global Initiative, a vehicle of the charitable foundation set up by former President Bill Clinton.
  There are no allegations that there was any wrongdoing by The Clinton Foundation, at least as of right now, however he has a long history with possible shady deals with the Clinton’s. Here is more:

In the 1990s, he claims that he raised “about $275 million for Clinton’s interests over the years,” including the Clinton legal defense fund, the Clinton presidential library, and Hillary’s New York Senate race. As The Washington Post reported back in 1999, McAuliffe “pledged to put up $1.35 million in cash to secure a mortgage for the Clintons” on their house in Chappaqua. That loan allowed the Clintons to avoid their $5 million in debt to get the home loan, allowing Hillary to run from New York State.

McAuliffe’s links to Wenliang shouldn’t be a surprise, either. According to Judicial Watch, McAuliffe was intimately involved with Chinagate – the scandal during which Chinese citizens funneled $1.5 million to Democratic Party affiliates, and then received help from the Clinton administration to funnel missile technology to the Chinese.

  Stay tuned this could get interesting and of course you can judge a person by the company he or she keeps…


The former chairman of the Democratic National Committee from 2000 to 2005, McAuliffe was also a co-chairman of Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign.

Records show more than 100 donors contributed to both the foundation and McAuliffe’s campaign.

Federal officials say investigators are looking at those overlaps and are especially interested in contributions from Wang Wenliang, a Chinese politician. The investigation was first reported by CNN.

Contributions by foreign nationals in U.S. elections are barred, but Wang’s spokesperson says he has permanent U.S. resident status.

malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium

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  1. May 23, 2016 8:10 pm

    Its interesting how the FBI keeps trudging along. Apparently they have their own drummer. Now where it goes from here will depend if we have a changing of the guard this fall IMO.

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    • May 23, 2016 8:19 pm

      I agree, at this point it doesn’t seem as if this will be wrapped up before the election and if Hillary is the President this will all go away.


  2. petermc3 permalink
    May 23, 2016 8:30 pm

    This never ending story is missing one key player to ensure that any misdeeds, should they exist-ha ha ha- never see the light of day, Darrell Issa or any other republican and his commission of keystone kops. There’s a better chance of finding your stolen Audi after it’s on a ship headed for Guiana than a republican led commission coming up with evidence never mind an indictment. Terry your kool.

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    • May 23, 2016 8:38 pm

      It’s all good…

      Liked by 1 person

      • May 23, 2016 8:57 pm

        Even good ole Chicago have the feds sucking air out there. I’m sure that will really go far.. as you say. It’s all good.

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      • May 23, 2016 9:08 pm

        Waiting to see if he pops up with the Teneo company- that is where they wash their slush fund. He is toast if he does.

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      • May 24, 2016 5:28 am

        It has been rumored for awhile that this investigation was really into Bill Clinton and the Foundation and perhaps we are mow seeing this is true.

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  3. May 24, 2016 4:19 am

    This story should be a non starter. First the VA voters knew who they were voteing for. Second Northern VA is home to the DC bureaucracy and McAuliffe is one of their own. Third money buys connections and the Democrats are OK with this way of life and the Go Along to Get Along Party accepts it. There is only one donation out of thousands that was possibly wrong. The FBI has been looking at for how many months and can’t decide what to do. I think the Dem. leak these stories just for their entertainment value.

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    • May 24, 2016 5:30 am

      You are probably right and your last sentence is interesting, is it possible they just leak these stories they know are going nowhere in order to keep us running around in circles to keep us from paying attention to what they are really up to?



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