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Memorial Day 2016

May 30, 2016

2008 Memorial Day Poster #2  Today is Memorial Day: a day in which we honor those who have paid the ultimate price so that you and I may go about our daily lives as free men and women. So often I think that people take our freedom for granted and just assume that because we are free we will always remain free, forgetting what it actually takes to ensure that we remain free.  

  There is one reason and one reason alone that we are able to sit here day after day and discuss what is happening in our government and write about how we feel about what is happening and that is our right to free speech. This  is a right that many, many brave men and women have fought and have died for and we must not forget their sacrifice.There is not a single day that goes by that I do not think about the sacrifice that these people have made, but today is the day that we must all remember to step back and say thank you.

  So while you are at your cookout with your families and your friends, while you are cooking on the grill, drinking a few beers, and laughing with the people that you most cherish, please take just a little time out to remember those that have died to make this day possible.

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  1. May 30, 2016 6:53 am

    Well said. We have much to be grateful for thanks to all that have been willing to sacrifice for us.

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    • May 30, 2016 8:30 pm

      Thank you.


  2. May 30, 2016 8:33 am

    I think today we need to reflect on how our government has lied us into one war after another. The wars have only served to enrich the MIC. They have only given us the people dead and maimed bodies. As Major General Smedley Butler wrote War Is A Racket. Theis racket has only enriched the elite while enslaving us. We are worse off today then any time in history.

    They Died in Vain – Deal With It
    By GPD on August 15, 2011

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    • May 30, 2016 12:49 pm

      Yes, it’s VERY SAD how the liars and thieves – conmen – have misused the masses to do their bidding. Today’s it’s ‘battling the terrorist’ – but the real ones aren’t what they appear to be – the hierarchy tainted blood lines of old (those who run the bankster).
      ‘And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die:’ (Gen 3:4). The thumb print of the serpent’s spirit from old behind it.

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    • May 30, 2016 8:33 pm

      It is sad that there are those who profit from war and it is equally, if not more, sad that we might be going to war in many cases so that some can have the opportunity to profit but I sill do not think it takes away from what these people are willing to sacrifice to do what they think is right for the nation. They are mere pawns in the game in some cases.

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      • May 30, 2016 9:17 pm

        I agree Steve. I’m thankful for all those who fought for our freedom! That’s the ‘Happy’ part of Celebrating this Day – those who in good conscience did what they believed was right and true for all of us!

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      • May 30, 2016 9:21 pm

        BIG OOPS: Here’s what I mean to leave … man!!

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      • May 31, 2016 5:25 am

        That was good, thanks for sharing it!


  3. petermc3 permalink
    May 30, 2016 8:48 am

    What came first the wars or the war profiteers?

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  4. May 30, 2016 10:42 am

    The bankers!

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  5. May 30, 2016 4:36 pm

    FORT HOOD……”””Brother…Hood”””

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    • May 30, 2016 9:34 pm

      Kinda ironic the U.S. Army named a base in honor of a Confererate General.

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      • May 31, 2016 5:26 am

        I think there are still a few of them in the South but I am willing to bet it won’t be for long.


  6. May 30, 2016 10:00 pm

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    • May 31, 2016 5:28 am

      I like this song but I never saw the video before, thanks for sharing it!


  7. May 30, 2016 10:00 pm

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    • May 31, 2016 5:28 am

      Thanks for sharing that, it was good!



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