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Judge delays Bryan Pagliano’s deposition into Hillary Clinton’s email scandal, orders him to release the details of his immunity agreement

June 3, 2016

 We learned a couple of days ago that the next person in line to be deposed by Judicial Watch in its inquiry into Hillary Clinton’s email scandal was Bryan Pagliano–the man who set up and maintained the former Secretary of State’s personal email server.

  Despite having been granted immunity from both the FBI and the Injustice Department Bryan Pagliano’s lawyer informed the judge he would plead the Fifth rather than testify. Today a Federal judge delayed Bryan Pagliano’s deposition and ordered him to release the details of his immunity agreement.

  Here is more:

A federal judge has postponed the deposition of a former technology aide to Hillary Clinton and has taken steps that could reveal the details of an immunity agreement the aide reportedly struck with federal prosecutors.

Sullivan issued an order Friday postponing the deposition indefinitely, but also instructing Pagliano’s attorneys to explain the Fifth Amendment assertion and to file a copy of Pagliano’s agreement with the Justice Department by Tuesday afternoon. The judge did not say explicitly whether the filing would be public, but most court filings are.

“Counsel for Mr. Pagliano shall file a Memorandum of Law addressing the legal authority upon which Mr. Pagliano relies to assert his Fifth Amendment rights in this civil proceeding, including requisite details pertaining to the scope of Mr. Pagliano’s reported immunity agreement with the Government,” the judge wrote.

  First of all I am not sure what other “legal authority” other than the Constitution and the Fifth amendment contained within a person could possibly need to exercise a Constitutionally protected right, but I do find it interesting the judge wants the details of the immunity agreement.

  During my previous post on this issue I questioned the immunity agreement, wondering if it extended to this investigation or if it was just relegated to the FBI investigation. If the immunity agreement were to extend to this investigation there would be no possibility of self-incrimination because, obviously, Bryan Pagliano would be protected.

  I have to believe this is what the judge is trying to decide at this point. If the judge finds that the immunity agreement extends into this investigation can the judge order Bryan Pagliano to testify or face contempt of court charges? I don’t know. But I do know this; if the immunity deal extends into this case Bryan Pagliano is not trying to protect himself from self-incrimination, but rather is either trying to prevent incriminating Hillary Clinton or it is a case of self-preservation. After all, we know what happens to people who cross the Clinton’s…

malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium

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