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  1. Brittius permalink
    November 30, 2016 8:19 pm

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  2. November 30, 2016 9:46 pm

    Under Hillary we would have no chance to protest the spying programs. Maybe with the MSM exposed as the propaganda arm of the elite we can have a discussion about surveillance. None f the recent “terror attacks” have been detected before they occurred. So much for gathering data.

    Part of the reason for these articles is to smear Trump’s cabinet selections. There are enough problems at Justice to keep Sessions busy without getting involved in domestic spying.

    Give the FBI more power? The FBI is a very discredited operation and needs a major overhaul. Unfortunately Comedy has 2 more years. Additionally there are way too many intelligence agencies with too much power. The FBI does not need to be in the spy business.

    All this data collection has been a waste of time and money. Yes the idiot Rep are chomping at the bit to continue the “war on terror” absent any clue as to the end goal.

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    • December 1, 2016 6:32 am

      Exactly, with what we now know about the FBI the last thing we want to do is give them more power!


  3. November 30, 2016 10:10 pm

    I’m not sure about jumping on Bloomberg’s perspective. Not to say that surveillance won’t increase, but the sensationalism (fear platform) they project is to stir up distrust and animosity toward Trump. Why haven’t they stated a concern w/ Bari doing his ‘unfair share?’ Trumpss been getting down on CNN for being a lying machine, unlike Hilly who was knocking the ALT news. Some need to be ‘watched’ and he can start within the Gov. body itself!

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    • November 30, 2016 10:24 pm

      Maybe they could get to the bottom of the supposed pedophile ring in DC.

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      • November 30, 2016 11:00 pm

        Yeah that’s sickening CJ. But it’s actually part of elitist ‘religion’ doing those perversions and more. The black robes w/ hoods type of rituals. They’ll push to make it ‘ok’ in this culture if allowed. Consider what’s acceptable today that wasn’t 10-20 years ago. Devaluing the social framework and human Life.

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    • December 1, 2016 6:33 am

      You may be right about the article however Trump did say he wanted increased spying so I guess we will have to wait and see.

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  4. November 30, 2016 10:54 pm

    This is very concerning.. I agree. Blackmail of almost anyone will be possible.

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  5. December 1, 2016 1:27 am

    Something from Rush about ‘fake news’: Obama Complains About Fake News to Magazine That Prints Fake News
    ‘ … there’s Obama at Rolling Stone, praising them as the kind of news media we need in order to get the country back on the right track. A fake news story in Rolling Stone that’s probably gonna cost ’em more than $7.5 million in damages, and there Obama is complaining about fake news to one of their reporters.’
    It’s all about the source and intent – whether it’s ‘fake news’ or ‘targeted surveillance’ (which has been going on for years already: IRS, NSA, CIA, FBI, Homeland, etc.!).

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    • December 1, 2016 9:47 pm

      This reminds me of George on Seinfeld when he was asked how to beat a lie detector test and he said you are not telling a lie if you believe it. I wonder if the MSM actually believes the lies they are telling the American people.

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      • December 1, 2016 10:32 pm

        I suppose people can be so ‘swayed’ that they lose their moral/ethical compass and believe what they’re doing is right/good. Some though are soooo deceived that they ‘figure whatever it takes’ is justified. Then again Steve your interpretation of Good might not be there’s and that’s where we are I think: when evil is called good and good evil (notice the advertising of products using the words evil, wicked, monster, beast, etc.)!

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  6. petermc3 permalink
    December 1, 2016 12:21 pm

    With the MSM outed as the fake phony lying frauds they are, stirring up the pot whether it be supposed increased spying by Trump’s administration or perceived conflicts of interest with his business while Hillary selling national security interest to parties donating to the Clinton Crime Family Initiative raises nary an eyebrow, these “news” outlets may have to broadcast naked in order to get viewers to watch. Hmm, maybe I’ll go back to watching FOX…

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    • December 1, 2016 9:45 pm

      It is funny how the media is suddenly willing to report about potential conflicts of interest now after ignoring Hillary’s all these years but of course we wouldn’t have expected anything else.


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