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U.S. officials: anti-Trump leaks are hurting intelligence and military operations

June 26, 2017

  Anonymous sources are all the rage nowadays so here we go with another one. Several unnamed officials have stated that the leaks coming from former Obama holdovers are hurting American intelligence and military operations. Here is more:

A new wave of leaks targeting the Trump administration has actively endangered ongoing intelligence and military operations being conducted by the United States and its allies, sparking anger and concern inside and outside the White House, according to multiple conversations with senior U.S. officials intimately familiar with the situation.

The classified leaks, which are being handed to sympathetic journalists by former Obama administration officials who left the government and by holdovers still serving in the Trump administration, have damaged a number of ongoing operations, ranging from American efforts to prevent Russian infiltration of the United States to Israeli efforts against ISIS, sources said.

A recent Washington Post story disclosed classified secrets as part of a larger story about Obama administration cyber efforts against Russia. It was published days after a New York Times story, which revealed details of a secret Israeli cyber operation that Trump is said to have leaked to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

The sensitivity of the material being leaked has heightened criticism both of the former Obama officials who are suspected of unveiling these secrets and of the Trump administration for its seeming inability to stem the disclosures, according to these officials.

  The Democrats have claimed they are very concerned about Russia infiltrating the United States electoral process but ironically these leaks are said to be hurting the Trump administration’s efforts to stop potential Russian interference. In addition to this these leaks are hurting the effort to defeat ISIS.

  If this is true it shows the lengths these former Obama officials will go to take down Donald Trump. They apparently feel Donald Trump is a bigger enemy than either Russia or ISIS and as such they will do whatever it takes to bring down the President, even if that means aiding and abetting the enemy by making it harder for the United States to stop them. Why hasn’t Donald Trump weeded these people out yet?

malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium

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