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Donald Trump considering Executive Action on healthcare reform

July 31, 2017

  According to this story Donald Trump is considering taking Executive Action on healthcare reform. Here is more:

U.S. Senator Rand Paul said he spoke to President Donald Trump by phone about healthcare reform on Monday and told the president he thought Trump had the authority to create associations that would allow organizations to offer group health insurance plans.

Allowing groups like AARP, which represents retirees, to form health associations could enable individuals and small businesses to form larger groups to negotiate with health insurance companies for lower rates.

  This actually sounds like a great idea, however I would prefer to see the Congress pass something like this and send it to Donald Trump’s desk than seeing the President act unilaterally.

  Speaking of which, I find it interesting that Rand Paul–a small government libertarian who in the past has stated Presidents are relying too much on Executive Action to pass their agenda instead of working with the Congress–seems to be okay with this.

  Like it or not Obamacare is here to stay, the Republicans have now shown they are okay with Obamacare because they are in bed with the lobbyists and special interest groups, so I believe the best path forward at this point is to correct what can be fixed and this might be a good start.

malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium

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  1. July 31, 2017 11:49 pm

    Just saw this: This is how President Trump makes “The House of Cards” collapse. This is how President Trump ends Obamacare once and for all.Executive Order
    #1President Trump should issue an immediate Executive Order forcing every member of Congress to use the same healthcare plan as the rest of us. Let Senator McCain come off his high horse and live under the rules of Obamacare. Make every member of Congress live by same rules as the rest of us.
    President Trump should immediately use Executive Order to put every member of Congress in the exact same boat as rest of us.
    Executive Order #2
    President Trump should issue an immediate Executive Order demanding disclosure of all financial interests and ownership in healthcare related companies or stock by every member of Congress– including all family members and offshore accounts.
    Then we’ll find out why they voted against repeal. They are all on the gravy train.
    Seems that the parasites will be ‘forced’ to take their hands out of other people’s bank accts. I hope!

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    • August 1, 2017 5:27 am

      Making the Congress live by the same rules would certainly spur them into action!

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      • August 1, 2017 1:48 pm

        A wise man feareth, and departeth from evil: but the fool rageth, and is confident. Proverbs 14:16
        Might use a electric cattle prod! : )

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  2. August 1, 2017 7:09 pm

    …Go from the presence of a foolish man, when thou perceivest not in him the lips of knowledge…
    Hopefully their arrogance will be there downfall. For the day of the LORD of hosts shall be upon every one that is proud and lofty, and upon every one that is lifted up; and he shall be brought low . Isaiah 2:12.

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