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Steve Bannon out as White House chief strategist

August 18, 2017

  It has been speculated more than once in the past that Steve Bannon was on the verge of being let go as Donald Trump’s chief strategist, most recently about five days ago when it was reported the President believed Steve Bannon was behind the leaks about National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster but nothing has ever come from these reports.

  Until now…it appears as if Steve Bannon has been let go according to this story.

Steve Bannon is out as White House chief strategist, according to a senior administration official, amid growing displeasure in the West Wing with his tactics and behavior.

His departure marks the latest high-level staff shake-up that has rocked Trump’s administration.

The official said Bannon had resigned on Aug. 7, but other officials noted that President Donald Trump had grown tired of his chief strategist’s approach and had been plotting ways to oust him.

Bannon, known as a populist firebrand who pushed Trump toward strongly nationalist views, often clashed with other White House aides and had had a rocky relationship with the president for months.

He particularly butted heads with the globalist wing of the White House, which includes Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner and National Economic Council Director Gary Cohn.

  There are conflicting reports with some saying he resigned a couple of weeks ago and with other saying Donald Trump was plotting ways to get rid of him but it does appear as if he is out.

  I do not particularly care for Steve Bannon however I care less for Jared Kushner and it is going to be interesting to see if the White House takes on a more globalist-friendly atmosphere with Mr. Bannon out of the way of Jared Kushner’s, Gary Cohn’s, and H.R. McMaster’s agenda. 

malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium

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  1. August 18, 2017 2:07 pm

    Reblogged this on Brittius.

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  2. Dr. Jeff permalink
    August 18, 2017 4:59 pm

    Oh crap. There are some very evil forces picking away at Trump’s whole organization. They don’t care what he does, successful or not, they just want to bring him down so they can rule.

    The just got another one. I don’t care who or what Steve Bannon supports anymore, I only care that the Liberals have knocked out another of Trump’s supports.

    Right now, I’ll stand by Trump for the same reason I voted for him. Whatever you think of him, look at who would replace him. It wouldn’t just be VP Pence, it would be the Pelosis, the Schumers, the Feinsteins and all their running dogs such as Maxine Waters and Kamala Harris. Remember, I’m in California, I’ve seen both Waters and Harris at first hand.

    G-d help us if they succeed in taking him down, no one else will.

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    • August 19, 2017 12:50 am

      Yep, it’s like the planned, and Soros paid (Agenda) Charlotte fiasco Psyop. The Mayor told the police to stand down (like Ferguson) and those who were jailed probably won’t serve real time but be released – by criminals in high placed positions. They’re just doing as their told by the ‘hidden ones’ higher up. What a mess. You’re right, I think, we need a Divine intervention, there’s too many scum and not enough ‘sane good people’ to ‘rectify’ and bring about Justice. The situations here and around the world keep intensifying, praying to the LORD for help to thwart the evil plans of the enemy is wise and needful.

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      • August 19, 2017 7:32 am

        They could see the violence coming and not only did they not do anything to stop it that actually stood back and let it happen. They wanted it to happen so they could say we told you the alt-right was violent.

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      • August 19, 2017 12:19 pm

        The ‘evil minds’ behind the ‘whole’ thing are set to get Pres. Trump out. “Antifa Claims Violence Against Trump Supporters Isn’t a CRIME”. This group is paid by the same ones who hire the crises actors/protestors/assassins.
        Antifa Thugs Demand ‘Overdue Payment’ From George Soros (April 2017)
        “Parents: FBI Forced Our Mentally ill Son To Become ‘Right Wing Terrorist’ The parents of a schizophrenic son claim that the FBI attempted to recruit their 23-year-old son to become a “right wing terrorist,” tasked with killing left-wing Americans in order to demonize Conservatives.”
        They Want You to ‘Punch a Nazi’: Enacting Violence Keeps You Distracted From the Real Issue A week after the deadly protest in Charlottesville, Virgina, another protest/counter protest is set to happen in Boston this Saturday. Boston law enforcement noted that they would shut down the “Free Speech Rally” at the first sign of trouble. … all to keep you from looking up at the real war taking place on humanity, 24 hours a day, across the globe, carried out by people who couldn’t care less about some racist statue.”

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      • August 19, 2017 12:23 pm

        Also Steve, ‘why is you think the police aren’t stopping these ‘mobs’ from taking down the statues? They see it happening, why are they turning a blind eye?
        The ‘sin nature’ of corruption is one thing, but the ‘wicked one’ has his minions in positions of authority and leadership with the system (as you know) and using the ‘indoctrinated youth’ or ‘ignorant and ungodly’ to do his bidding. For those who thinks this is only a battle in the physical realm, this will give them pause to consider the invisible influences behind much of these riots, anger and rage.

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      • August 19, 2017 5:51 pm

        Yep, this whole thing is orchestrated from above and Antifa is given a pass because they are being funded by the globalists. They got a victory with Bannon after last week and this is just the beginning.

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      • August 20, 2017 10:31 pm

        I’m beginning to wonder about the Bannon deal Steve. It’s not that Pres. Trump seemed ‘forced’ by the whiny full-diaper dem*s to let him go. The dem*s really wanted him out, for whatever reason, which would mean ‘keep him in’ … maybe the WH did a feed line out for the piranhas to chew on of ‘fake news’ about why he was ‘asked’ to leave. 🐟 Oh well.

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      • August 21, 2017 5:23 am

        That’s possible Zip, also Bannon is now back at Breitbart and there is talk of him starting a new cable news network so maybe this will enable him to go hard after Trump’s opponents in a way he couldn’t in the White House.

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    • August 19, 2017 7:26 am

      You are right Dr. Jeff, they are going after him simply because he has to gall to beat Hillary Clinton and it doesn’t matter what he does. They are not going to stop until they do and if they are successful it is going to get very ugly.


  3. Dr. Jeff permalink
    August 18, 2017 5:04 pm

    Check out this video. Maxine Waters ends with the claim that Dr. Ben Carson is a White Nationalist! These people are crazy and they are evil.

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