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Newsflash! The cold snap was not caused by global warming

January 11, 2018

  From Christmas right up until this week much of the United States was engulfed in frigid weather. Global warming alarmists and fear-mongerers claimed that global warning was to blame for the cold weather but the National Center for Atmospheric Research has conducted a quick study and found this was not the case.

  Here is more:

Consider this cold comfort: A quick study of the brutal American cold snap found that the Arctic blast really wasn’t global warming but a freak of nature.

Frigid weather like the two-week cold spell that began around Christmas is 15 times rarer than it was a century ago, according to a team of international scientists who does real-time analyses to see if extreme weather events are natural or more likely to happen because of climate change.

The cold snap that gripped the East Coast and Midwest region was a rarity that bucks the warming trend, said researcher Claudia Tebaldi of the National Center for Atmospheric Research and the private organization Climate Central.

The study, based on observations and statistics, did not find evidence for a popular scientific theory that links melting Arctic sea ice to blasts of cold air escaping the top of the world.

The theory, which is still debated by scientists but gaining credence among many, is based on pressure changes and other factors that cause the jet stream to plunge and weather systems to get stuck. But the latest analysis didn’t find such evidence.

  In other words, the reason why it has been so cold since Christmas is because it is Winter and it gets cold during Wintertime. Who woulda thunk it?

malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium

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  1. petermac3 permalink
    January 11, 2018 10:03 pm

    In the second grade we were taught the Scientific Method whereby one uses empirical data with a pinch of. common sense. Today we use millions of dollars worth of computers, Satellites etc etc to figure if the ground is we’d we have precipitation. Did you know that for the first time since the earth was formed billions of years ago that new w when ice melts its mass increases causing oceans to rise. Put ice in a glass of water and watch the water level drop and surface tension remain unchanged. Who would have thought Al Gore, in additiin to creating the internet could change the laws of physics. But then he’s a democrat so who in his right mind would challenge his global warming industry’s proven science.

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    • January 12, 2018 1:07 am

      Dell is the latest addition to NOAA’s weather and climate operational supercomputing system. This powerful Dell hums alongside NOAA’s IBM and Cray computers at a data center in Orlando, Florida. The three systems combined in Florida and Virginia give NOAA 8.4 petaflops of total processing speed and pave the way for improved weather models and forecasts. (NOAA )

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    • January 12, 2018 6:31 am

      I remember doing that experiment with a glass of water in probably the 3rd of 4th grade and now this type of study no longer takes place as the schools seek to push an agenda.

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  2. Brittius permalink
    January 12, 2018 5:19 am

    Reblogged this on Brittius.

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  3. Brittius permalink
    January 12, 2018 6:01 am 2005, I moved into my house on the water’s edge, only 18 feet from the Atlantic. I noticed marks on the bulkhead indicating both high and low tides, and shadow markings consistent with the tide marks. Each year, I had noticed the tide level elevating. Around the time of 2011 and Hurricane Irene, I noticed street flooding increasing. I started thinking of what, would cause all that, because the polar caps never melted in 1997 as charlatans predicted. I remembered my days in high school engine shop, almost half century before. Liquids, cannot be compressed. Atmospheric pressure is 14.7 pounds per square inch. There is no compressor to increase ambient atmospheric pressure, and if there were a compressing, the oceans would remain the same and only air pressure would increase, such as the Dead Sea. I continued my walk to the edge of my bulkhead to read tide and current, looked at the skies, listened to what the gulls were telling me and I knew the daily weather. I kept thinking about tides rising. Online, every now and then, there would be giant squids, and other fish unknown and discovered from depths unimaginable, now those fish were dead on the surface, washed ashore. I remembered my days as a boy on my uncle’s tugboat in New York Harbor. My world was local streets to school, and grew as I aged, to a county, and then a city. Next, on the tugboat, I learned of the waterways in New York City. Then, trips to the New Jersey waterways and even Philadelphia. I read coastlines and learned about places such as the Hudson Canyon, and the Baltimore Canyon. Standing on the edge of my bulkhead, staring into the glistening of the water, time escaped me, as it always has. Something cut those canyons, and something made underwater mountains higher than Mount Everest. It had to be underwater volcanic activities. After, Hurricane Irene, the Town had numerous complaints about saltwater not draining from the streets, and sent an intern from the Engineering Department. He saw me on the deck behind my house and called out if he could speak with me. I waved him in and “said come on in”. He was bright. Knew curriculum he learned in college. I informed him the street was incorrectly pitched. Imperial Roman engineers built an Aqueduct. He knew that but not how, other than mechanics of construction. I enlightened him about what my maternal grandfather, a World War 1, veteran of the Italian Alpini Army, taught me. For every 100 feet of distance, one foot of elevation is required for water to run. Then we spoke about tides rising. I listened to him speak of NOAA. I told him of my theory of underwater volcanic activity and he dismissed it. In the beginning of 2012, he returned, with a transit level and was on the street. I was enjoying sunshine and crisp winter air from England. A white pickup truck pulled onto the street and people got out. I could make out the door, it said NOAA. They walked the street, and the intern greeted them. Then they all walked over to me, and I was their character of Captain Quint. They looked at my bulkhead marks, discussed things amongst themselves. I told them of my theory. They dismissed it wholesale. Global Warming, they said, repeatedly. They asked about my life on the water, and I told them. They smiled, and said “tugboats”, almost as if I were an idiot. Global Warming, they insisted. Later in 2012, SuperStorm Sandy, destroyed my home. Almost a year to the day that NOAA had visited, they returned. I remembered two of them. One mockingly said that I had an interesting theory, with a smile on his face. They all insisted, Global Warming. They left. In 2015, Japanese scientists, concluded, that, underwater volcanic activities, are the cause of tides elevating. The Global Warming people never got the memo, because they keep insisting their construct, is the only answer out there. I remain, with my theory, now supported by a bunch of Japanese scientists.

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    • January 12, 2018 6:38 am

      Interesting story! Of course NOAA mustn’t have gotten the results of the Japanese study because they would never ignore something like that for a political agenda…

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      • Brittius permalink
        January 12, 2018 7:06 am

        A teaching of Freemasonry is: “He who controls the ‘M’ (thirteenth letter of the alphabet), has power”. NOAA and all the other Global Climate gurus, have money plenty of money. More money than I could ever amass in a thousand lifetimes. They exert their might, to gain, power, and authority.

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      • January 12, 2018 8:02 pm

        And of course the love of “M” is the root of all evil…


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