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The Supreme Court declines to hear the DACA case

February 26, 2018

  Donald Trump was seeking an expedited ruling by the Supreme Court on the DACA issue but earlier today the Supreme Court rejected the case. This fight is not over, the Supreme Court simply kicked the case back to the lower courts and most likely this will make it back to the Supreme Court in due time.

  Here is more:

The Supreme Court on Monday rejected the administration’s request to speed up the legal fight over protections for undocumented immigrants who came to the United States as children, after President Donald Trump decided last year to end the program.

The Justice Department had asked the justices to skip the usual appeals court process and review a district court judge’s ruling requiring the administration to resume renewals of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

The Supreme Court declined the request Monday with no justices dissenting. The high court could still weigh in later, but the move suggests the justices want to allow one or more appeals courts to take up the question before considering it.

  It is now headed to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals and I think we know how that will turn out, which is why this is almost certain to be taken up by the Supreme Court in the future.

  But what I find interesting is, how is this going to affect the immigration reform debate in the Congress? Donald Trump and some of the Republicans were willing to concede DACA in return for border wall funding, and end to the VISA lottery, and some other concessions from the Democrats on immigration but with this off the table, at least for the time being, their major bargaining chip is gone. 

  However, while the question of DACA still uncertain there is still the chance Donald Trump and these Republicans can still seek a permanent solution in the meantime. I am doubtful because we all know how the Congress works. Without the threat of urgency the Congress tends to do nothing because while they talk a good game most of them are afraid to take action on the tough and controversial issues unless they absolutely have to.

malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium

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  1. Fergus permalink
    February 26, 2018 9:39 pm

    SCOTUS demonstrated today why anyone with the brains of a cockroach can be a member of the courts. Apparently they cannot grasp the concept of an unlawful act that is completely unconstitutional, but then again this is the SCOTUS. No one ever will mistake them for being qualified to get into a school for “special needs.”

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    • February 27, 2018 6:28 am

      It is frustrating to say the least! I think everybody knows Trump did nothing wrong in rescinding DACA but the court system is infested and it’s hard to see us being able to turn this around.

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  2. February 27, 2018 1:11 pm

    If the President can find a Judge who’s “Pro-American” that would be the one ‘for this job!’
    There’s much infestations of spiritual disease, soul sickness and cancer of those Hell Bent on bringing in the “Reign of TERROR” against all people and Nations, one can see this as ‘a spiritual battle’ being played out in the physical realm.
    God does state that if a people will turn to Him he will help and heal them (the land), that’s been shown true again and again {or we wouldn’t be here today!}.
    The wicked comes from ‘not going to God, believing Him’! That’s why those who’ve been ruling (shadow govt. devil worshipers) promote everything ungodly to keep people from turning to the Lord for help ~ brainwashing them to think He won’t help, you’re on your own, or doesn’t even exist. If we can “see” the ugliness of the fallen world, surely we can consider the opposite and cry out to that Source of Hope!
    To exemplify this here’s Corbett speaking to the reality of ‘Them’ = the controllers.

    I received an email from the Utube Team stating that a vid I posted on utube over 3 yrs ago was given a “Strike” and deleted, classified as “Harassment and Cyber-Bullying” ~ “Crisis Actors & American Gov. Staged False Flags”. They didn’t say ‘what exactly was ‘wrong’ or who ‘flagged’ it.
    I emailed them asking to know if it was ‘1 person’ or who determined it to be “not acceptable”, and why didn’t they contact me first so I could ‘fix’ what was ‘so bad’ before just ‘giving me a strike’. I thanked them for letting me know it was OK for me to ‘Flag’ vids that “offended me” since there were MANY! That I would begin ‘doing just that’! but still preserving my “precious time” not to waste much on that endeavor!
    I’m sure they (or THEM) will be ‘open and supportive’ of my sensitivity … don’t you think!

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    • February 27, 2018 9:03 pm

      Thanks for sharing that video, he nailed it. YouTube used to be a place where people could post whatever they wanted to but now they are pushing a political agenda and silencing our side.
      I would love to hear if this was just one person who was able to silence you, of if it was many. If one person takes offense with a video is it enough to have it taken down? I would add the one person probably wasn’t offended but just didn’t agree with it so he/she just didn’t want anyone else to see it.
      This battle of good versus evil is an ancient one and it seems overwhelming at times with everything seeming to work against us, but the outcome is certain because we have God on our side. In an ever increasingly godless society we are seeing, as you have said before, good being categorized as evil and evil being categorized as good.

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  3. February 27, 2018 3:24 pm

    Yes, I don’t know why the Supremes did this… expedited appeals are often accepted. To coin a phrase…. going wobbly me thinks…..

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    • February 27, 2018 9:04 pm

      And it was a unanimous decision as well. This is going to SCOTUS eventually so why not take it up now and save time and money?



  1. Federal Judge dismisses DACA challenge | America's Watchtower

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