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Orange County votes to join Donald Trump’s lawsuit against California over ‘sanctuary state’ status

March 27, 2018

  As you all know California recently passed “sanctuary state” legislation which forbids the local police from complying with ICE agents. There is now a bit of a civil war brewing in the Golden State: First  Los Alamitos “opted out” of the law and now, according to this story, Orange County (of which Los Alamitos is a part) has voted to join the Federal lawsuit against California’s sanctuary state law. Here is more:

Leaders in Orange County, California, have voted to join a U.S. government lawsuit against the state over its so-called sanctuary law for immigrants living in the U.S. illegally.

By a 3-0 vote, the all-Republican Board of Supervisors decided in closed session Tuesday to take the action.

The vote comes a week after the small Orange County city of Los Alamitos voted to opt out of the state law that limits local police collaboration with federal immigration agents.

California passed the sanctuary law last year to try to protect immigrants from stepped-up deportations under the Trump administration.

  In addition to this the Orange County Sheriff’s Department is already defying the law by creating a new database which releases to the public the dates inmates are to be released from prison.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department, whose leadership opposes the new California sanctuary law that limits cooperation with federal immigration officials, announced Monday that it is now providing public information on when inmates are released from custody.

As of Monday, March 26, an existing “Who’s in Jail” online database includes the date and time of inmates’ release – a move agency officials say will enhance communication with its law enforcement partners.

The release date information applies to all inmates, not just those who are suspected of being in the country illegally.  But the goal is to assist agents with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE.

“This is in response to SB-54 limiting our ability to communicate with federal authorities and our concern that criminals are being released to the street when there’s another avenue to safeguard the community by handing them over (to ICE for potential deportation),” Orange County Undersheriff Don Barnes said.

  California has basically been in the process of nullifying Federal Law and it is hard to see how the state can win this battle, history in South Carolina shows us how nullification ends…

  But this is California after all and I am sure they will find a sympathetic court…

malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium

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  1. March 27, 2018 9:41 pm

    The cases was filed in the US District Court for the Eastern District of California (Sacramento). As you know the Appeal Court is our favorite – the 9th.

    When CA loses they should also forfeit all federal funding for 100 years. The gov and state legislators should also be personally held liable for adopting these laws.

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    • March 28, 2018 5:27 am

      That’s the place to hit them, in the wallet. Trump already threatened to do that but we know that will be challenged as well.

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  2. March 27, 2018 9:46 pm

    Let the war begin…. now we will move on to the Census question re: aliens. I cannot imagine even why there is a discussion about aliens being included.

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    • March 28, 2018 5:30 am

      Of course there shouldn’t be but we know the left will be up in arms about this!

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      • March 28, 2018 11:21 am

        Their def of ‘Let’s all get along’ means ‘do it our way or we kill you’.
        Just like the that contrived “march” ~ notice they had it planned soon after their PsyOp FL Drill shooting (and we still don’t know the “facts” about that). They called it “March For OUR Lives”, the “our” meaning the utopian globalist, not the marchers themselves. Evidence of “Craigs List Ad” & $300 for protesting – oh surprise.
        The original March For Life focused on protecting the lives of the unborn, the baby in the womb who was alive but ‘had no say’ ‘had no voice’! [Does this bring your ‘writings’ to mind Steve ~ “doing for others” rather than “self”~ speaks to the ‘spirit’ behind it vs this ‘spirit’.]
        The ‘selfishness and self consumed mindset’ of today (indoctrination), think only of themselves and their ‘rights’ while they protest to TAKE AWAY the “Rights” of the majority.
        Guns = Bad
        Abortion ~ killing the baby in the womb = OK (excluding puppies & kittens = not good)
        Free Speech = only if it’s inline with ‘their’ thinking.
        3 Major Amendments of the Constitution. (notice the Hist “About Us”).


    • petermac3 permalink
      March 28, 2018 7:01 am

      They need the numbers to get more money for the entitlements that illegals are entitled to but you and I never would be entitled to as legal citizens.

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  3. petermac3 permalink
    March 27, 2018 10:54 pm

    Hopefully….we’ll we know what we hope for.
    Here in New Jersey the newly elected rat fink Uber liberal Goldman Sacks governor Murphy is preparing to commit this state to sanctuary statehood. Well then at least the South American gangs now running rampant here won’t have to worry about the Elliot Sessions Ness posse hassling them anytime soon.

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    • March 28, 2018 5:37 am

      New Jersey wants to become California-east for some strange reason. Hopefully they’ll see what California is going through and at least decide to slow down.

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  4. Dr. Jeff permalink
    March 27, 2018 11:24 pm

    Easy CJ, about 1/3 of California has been screaming about the idiocy of the sanctuary business since it began close to 40 years ago. We need help, not condemnation.

    As to the Census, it’s about who is here, nothing else. It doesn’t matter if you’re an illegal alien, Natural Born Citizen or some leftover from Roswell, they want to know who is here, how many and what kind of people. It’s just a straight count of heads.

    Some people get asked for detailed information, very detailed information, that is then extrapolated across the whole population. There’s supposed to be some privacy law involved, but I’m not sure how good it is.

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    • March 28, 2018 5:38 am

      At least there might be enough people out there to stop this, it doesn’t seem like California was expecting this type of blow back from the people.


    • petermac3 permalink
      March 28, 2018 7:30 am

      And yet the fine folks ifvCalifornia return these Uber liberal sickos to office election after election. My family members there has had enough and are leaving that once golden state, turned shit hole, one by one.

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      • March 28, 2018 6:54 pm

        Yeah, they just keep pushing left and good people are leaving the state and I don’t blame them.


    • March 28, 2018 6:55 pm

      But, but, but I thought gerrymandering was only done by the Republicans. 😉 Keep fighting, we are all routing for you! Thanks for the links.



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