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Mike Pompeo to meet with Kim Jong Un on Sunday

October 2, 2018

  Since the meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un back in June there have been various reports of the demise of the negotiations. There has been some back and forth between the countries, mostly from North Korea, as well as reports that the communist country was still moving forward with its nuclear plan.

  It seems to me that both countries have been jockeying for position as the negotiations continue and despite the hopes and dreams of the left, who are routing for failure, the negotiations are still ongoing and according to this story Mike Pompeo is scheduled to meet Kim Jong Un on Sunday and will talk about a second summit between North Korea and the United States.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Pyongyang on Sunday as part of his trip to Asia beginning later this week, the State Department announced Tuesday.

Pompeo also will visit Japan, South Korea and China as part of his trip, State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert announced. It will be Pompeo’s fourth visit to North Korea since spring.

Pompeo is expected to attempt to set up a second summit between Kim and President Trump, who previously met face-to-face in Singapore this past June and issued a vague statement pledging to remove nuclear weapons from the Korean Peninsula.

  As I wrote above, I believe the ups and downs we have seen since the initial summit are both sides trying to get the best deal they can and this has all been part of the high stakes game. I know the left is routing for failure and has been laughing at Donald Trump for supposedly giving Kim Jong Un credibility on the world stage he did not have before, while at the same time hoping the North Korean dictator would best our President, but while I still consider it to be a long shot I do hope some type of deal will be worked out.

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