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Trump administration reaches deal to free Christian pastor imprisoned in Turkey

October 11, 2018

  Andrew Brunson is an American pastor from North Carolina who has been imprisoned in Turkey for about two years but if this story is correct he might be coming home soon because the Trump administration has struck a deal with Turkey to free him.

The White House expects North Carolina pastor Andrew Brunson to be released by the Turkish government and returned to the U.S. in the coming days, two years after he was detained, according to two senior administration officials and another person briefed on the matter.

Under an agreement senior Trump administration officials recently reached with Turkey, Brunson is supposed to be released after certain charges against him are dropped at his next court hearing, currently scheduled for Friday, the senior administration officials and a person briefed on the matter said.

The details of the deal are unclear, but those familiar with the discussions said it includes a commitment by the U.S. to ease economic pressure on Turkey.

  Did you notice the headline from the article I linked to above and how it tries to make this “secret deal” sound like Donald Trump was engaged in some nefarious dealings with Turkey? But what else would you expect…

  I am going to remain cautiously optimistic that Pastor Brunson will be coming home soon but until he is on American soil I will not be totally convinced Turkey is serious.

malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium  

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  1. October 11, 2018 8:35 pm

    Either way, First President in a long long time that cared enough to try and get our folks home. Why can’t someone at least give him credit for trying? And apparently not exchanging a dozen terrorists for him.

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  2. October 12, 2018 11:41 am

    Agree w/ Bunker. We’ve been so “lied to” and deceived by shysters in charge that we’re at the point: I’ll believe it when I see it! The enemy is very “crafty and unyielding” in manipulating and “molding” the populous into the image of their liking. Trust is like pearls and Faith in the quality of those pearls worth, must be proven and substantiated.

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